New Horizons Designs

New Horizons Designs sells very well drafted pdf patterns for men, women and children. My favorites are the Bali Blouse, Sunset Cami, and Portlander shorts/pants! Check them out here: (aff)

Sunset Cami: Lace Trim Hack

Last week I showed you my version of the Bali Blouse by New Horizons- but that was only half of the package! The Bali Blouse also includes a pattern for sweet little camisole called the Sunset Cami, to keep you covered under the open back of the Bali. Since I closed up the back of…

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Dreaming of Bali….

I have a coworker who travels to Bali every year. She always comes back with amazing stories, a gorgeous tan and beautiful gifts (so thoughtful, and fortunate for her- since it makes it harder to hate her for her kid free, relaxing tropical vacations!) When I saw the Bali blouse/Sunset Cami by New Horizons, I…

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Porlander Shorts for Women

I love it when pattern designers listen to their fans! That was certainly the case with the Portlander Pants by New Horizons- as the girls version was released (see my review here), moms everywhere began clamoring for their own shorts and pockets version of the Portlander Pants! And boy, did Terra deliver! While I can…

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You know my well documented love for comfy pants (examples here and here)- it turns out I’ve managed to pass on my obsession to my children! When New Horizons put out the testing call for the girls Portlander Pants, I knew they would be the perfect summer and winter staple for Princess! There are so many…

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