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The Bianca Pullover, a Micro-Capsule, and Arizona Adventures

By Sarah | February 13, 2021

What is a “Micro Wardrobe” Anyway? As humans, whenever we have space, we tend to try to fill it- both emotionally and physically. Did you ever notice how hard it is to have silence in a conversation? Leaving open “space” is actually a crucial part of connecting with someone (and oneself), but its HARD. I’ve…

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Cozy Hoodies for Cool-(ish) Weather!

By Sarah | December 16, 2020

How are the holidays shaping up around your place? We have been enjoying our travels, spending Thanksgiving in Phoenix with friends before heading back to Southern California for Christmas. We have always missed that “neighborhood” feeling at home, with kids running around and playing together, but we sure have found it down here amidst the…

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My Big Brother and Me: Matching kids across an age gap

By Sarah | November 8, 2020

The other day I received some really beautiful new custom stretch woven in the waterburst white color-way from the Fabric Fairy, and spent a few days dreaming up some special plans for it. I downloaded a new pattern from a new designer (can you see where this is going??), and in my excitement, skipped straight…

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Novello Leggings (and finally getting back on the road!)

By Sarah | October 26, 2020

Hello friends! It’s been a minute since I posted in here, and I’ve really missed sharing with you all. A brief catch-up, before we move onto the sewing: In January, after a whirlwind adventure traveling Mexico and Arizona with other fulltime families, we listed our 2600 square foot home for sale, with the dream of…

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Tested: Greenstyle Venice Beach Shorts

By Sarah | August 16, 2020

How has your summer been friends? We are set to start school this week with the kiddos (homeschool, of course!), but it still feels like summer outside, as temps topped 110 degrees F this weekend. So, while other parts of the world might very much be looking toward hoodies and jackets, I’m still very much…

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