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Playing with length: The Cape Cod Capelet

By Sarah | November 6, 2019 |

We made it through the beginning of school,  the overabundance of September birthdays, and the mad-candy-dash of Halloween, which means its time to settle down a bit into November, and enjoy the calm before the storm. The very fact that I survived all these events and lived to blog about them is more than enough…

More Fall Athletics…

By Sarah | October 29, 2019 |

As some of you may know, we are trying to figure out, as a family, how we can make travel a more regular part of our lives. While the naysayers suggested that this year’s epic Summer Trip (see parts One, Two, Three and Four on the blog), in which we spent two months traveling the…

Why I refuse to sew Halloween costumes…and a fall recipe favorite!

By Sarah | October 27, 2019 |

When I first started sewing (which was around my 32nd birthday, about a month before Halloween), one of the first things on my mind was making a Halloween Costume for my twins. I was unemployed, at the time, and deep in the throes of “mommy-boredom”. I assumed that making my kids an adorable halloween costume…

A Right of Passage…

By Sarah | October 25, 2019 |

After taking most of the summer off, I’ve been getting back into the swing of sewing and testing this fall,  and the Knoxville top is my latest project. I almost passed this one up, because I already own a couple other knot/twist patterns, but I’m so glad I didn’t, because that over sized cowl is…

New Fall Cardigans…

By Sarah | October 24, 2019 |

When I was a kid, I used to divide my closet between “summer” and “winter” clothes. Despite living in California, where the seasons were typically pretty mild, I enjoyed having a stark division in my closet, and had strict rules about not wearing “winter” clothes in the summer, and visa versa. Looking back on it,…

Nara Pants for Fall (and a Giveaway!)

By Sarah | October 22, 2019 |

This past summer, when I was in Denver, I stopped into Fancy Tiger Crafts, “just for a minute”. My minute turned out to be longer (and more expensive) than I expected, because I got a chance to chat with a real sewing celebrity (read the full story here!), and managed to find quite a bit…

Taking it all in Stride….

By Sarah | October 20, 2019 |

What’s your favorite time of day to exercise? I’ve never been a morning person, but in the last six months I’ve experimented with waking up early to get my workout in before I have to jump into my #momduties, and I’m loving it. For those that know me personally, this is a pretty big surprise,…

Work-In-Progress-Dance Mom and her “Acro Bat!”

By Sarah | October 15, 2019 |

I have to admit, I don’t always make the best dance mom. I  seldom (or ever) remember to bring a post dance snack, often forget the pink water bottle and grab the ugly green one by mistake, and have even been known (gasp!) to let my daughter walk outside in her ballet shoes (she’s just…

Reach for the Stars! (with your fabric, that is)

By Sarah | October 6, 2019 |

Ya wanna know my biggest fabric pet peeve ever? When a fabric company refuses to list important details, like weight, stretch and content on something, and simply labels it as “activewear”. There are as many types of activewear fabrics as there are stars in the sky, and knowing these important features helps me determine whether…

Birthday Boys!

By Sarah | September 24, 2019 |

  My twin boys celebrated their 9th birthday this week! In truth, I didn’t even try to get this blog post written in time for their actual birthday, because I knew it wasn’t going to happen- the third week in September is home to no less than 6 birthdays in our immediate family, including my…

Sewing with Sarah's Latest Posts

Getting Excited about Activewear Again…

By Sarah | September 4, 2019

If you’ve spent more than 5 seconds on my blog, you’ll have noticed that I have a penchant for sewing activewear. Some might even call it an obsession, and I’m frequently asked, with some amazement, how many pairs of leggings/sports bras/tanks I actually own. I haven’t counted, but I’d guess its over 20 of each-…

Tested: Made for Mermaids Jade Dress/Peplum

By Sarah | August 13, 2019

I have a bad habit of signing up for too many things whenever we come back from a trip. Every time, I swear I won’t do it, and without fail, here I am again, with the third blog post in as many days, because I just couldn’t resist committing to just one more project (can…

Back 2 School Blog Tour 2019: Preschool Edition

By Sarah | August 12, 2019

                      Hello friends! I’m happy to be back again today (so much more time for blogging now that we’re home!) as part of the Back to School Blog Tour, hosted by Karly of Paisley Roots (be sure to read to the end to enter the giveaway- she’s got some…

Ringing in #BraAugust!

By Sarah | August 12, 2019

  I don’t keep up with social media quite as much as I used to (trying to spend a little more time staying grounded in the present, these days), but I was really looking forward to BraAugust this year as a time to learn some new skills, and motivate myself to sew a few new…

Summer Road Trip Part IV: Mesa Verde, Alamosa, Denver, and Dinosaur!

By Sarah | August 8, 2019

Hello again! Today I’m sharing the 4th installment in my Summer Travel Sewing series, covering our visits through Mesa Verde, Denver, and Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado. (missed the first two in this series? Here’s Part I and Part II,  and Part III). If you recall my last post, I left off in Monument Valley, roasting in…

Fall Style: Wine & Lace

By Sarah | August 6, 2019

I’m back home, and busy working on blog posts to document the last legs of our trip, but in the meantime, I took advantage of all the extra SPACE (nothing like going from 200 square feet to 2600 to give you an appreciation for the ability to spread out!) and whipped up a new athletic…

Summer 19 Road Trip Part III: Grand Canyon & Monument Valley

By Sarah | July 23, 2019

******Disclaimer for those afraid of heights- PLEASE READ******* Please be aware, there WILL be photos below that show me standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, and in the middle of a mojor highway in Monument Valley. I am a naturally cautious person, so I didn’t do anything overly dangerous, despite some of the…

Summer 19 Trip Part II: Roasting in Palm Springs

By Sarah | July 3, 2019

Note: This post is part of a sewing and travel documentary, as I share what I sew and experience during our two month RV tour of the American Southwest. You can read part one of that series HERE. After San Diego, we were originally scheduled to journey to Lake Havasu in Arizona, but I quickly…

Testing in the RV: New Horizons Maui Tank

By Sarah | June 26, 2019

I wondered, when we started our journey, whether or not I’d be able to test patterns while traveling. While I’ve cut back alot recently, I still love testing patterns, both for the incentive to sew and the motivation to try new techniques. The biggest hurdles to this however, were printing ability and fabric. My “home”…

Summer 19 Trip Part 1: Athletics on the Sand!

By Sarah | June 24, 2019

I’m so excited to be back and sharing some new makes with you! If you haven’t read in my previous posts, we are on a two month RV tour of the American Southwest, and having a blast. I intended to sew and blog along the way, but I’ve discovered that the wide open spaces of…

Guest Post: Easy Summer Casual Wear

By Sarah | June 19, 2019

Note: This post was first published on the Cali & Co blog, where a more detailed review of the fabric is included. Don’t forget to check it out after you read this post! Hi friends! I’m excited to share that I’ve joined the Cali & Co. team of bloggers, and I’m debuting my first look…

Hey June June!

By Sarah | May 31, 2019

Hey friends! It’s June first, and in my book, that means SUMMER!! (Please don’t educate me about complicated things like the solstice and actual astrological constants as they pertain to the seasons, because my brain has been turned OFF for the next three months!) This year, that means that not only do I get to…

Top 3 Photography Tips for Testers!

By Sarah | June 9, 2018 |

Hello friends! Today I’m over on the Greenstyle Creations blog sharing something I’m deeply passionate about- photography. Not just any old photography, sewing photography of course! On this blog, nearly all the photography is a collaboration between my husband and myself- he usually mans the camera, and I obsess about getting the right settings, background,…

New Year’s Reflections

By Sarah | January 9, 2019 |

Happy New Year friends! I’ve taken a much needed blogging break while I enjoyed the holidays with the family, but I’ve been itching to add a post of my own to the collection of New Year’s sewing reflections that have been floating around the blog-o-sphere, so here I am (tell me its not too late!).…

Like Father, Like Son(s)

By Sarah | May 30, 2017 |

As much as I love my mommy-and-me matching outfits with the Princess (see examples here and here), my heart skipped a beat when Made for Mermaids offered the opportunity to create matching Daddy and me outfits for my husband and my twin boys. I love seeing how they look up to and emulate their father…

Sailing away!

By Sarah | June 16, 2017 |

As I’ve mentioned before, we have several trips to the beach planned this summer, but I was so busy creating a capsule wardrobe for myself, I realized Princess needed some new clothes for our trips too! When I saw the Sailor Dress from Ellie and Mac, I knew this would be the perfect pattern to…

Chelsea Pants Sewalong: Fabric and Supplies!

By Sarah | October 17, 2017 |

I’m delighted to be hosting a Sew-Along for the Chelsea Pants from Greenstyle Creations next week (starts Monday, 10/23/17). This sewalong is being hosted by Sly Fox Fabrics, and I’m excited to be partnering with them because they have so many great options for the Chelsea Pants! If you’re new to Sew-Alongs, here’s how they…

Mix it up baby!

By Sarah | May 3, 2017 |

Who remembers boom boxes, mix tapes and corded headphones? The screech of rewinding old tapes to hear your favorite song again and again? I do! So when Max and Meena Patterns sent me these designs to play with, I was like “totally dude”- I can rock that. And I can make clothes for my kid…

Men’s and Women’s Forester Coats

By Sarah | April 29, 2018 |

Late last year, when I tested the Trailblazer collection (mens, women’s, children’s and nestledown- whew! that was quite a project, you can read about it here), Lisa hinted that there was a coat in the works, and asked if the trailblazer folks would be interested in testing it. I said yes, of course, because my…

Sew Long Summer…making it last!

By Sarah | September 14, 2018 |

  Regardless of where in the world you hail from, most of us are going through some sort of seasonal change right now. In my little corner of North America, that means the transition from summer into fall- always a little bittersweet for me, because Summer is my favorite season, and I’m always a little…

This one’s for the boys!

By Sarah | March 3, 2017 |

   I’m back with another pattern testing adventure, the Willow and Redwood vests from 5 out of 4 Patterns for two of my favorite guys! I could have alternately titled this post,  zipper immersion therapy, because with four! zippers a piece, these vests will desensitize your zipper fears FAST. I’m happy to say that thanks…

Little Trailblazers! My First Adventure in Upcycling

By Sarah | November 8, 2017 |

I blogged my husband’s new Trailblazer vest (Twig and Tale Patterns) last week, and it came together to smoothly that I decided to dive into a matching pair of Children’s Trailblazer Vests for my twins, because there’s nothing cuter than a matching daddy and son picture….(unless it’s a family picture…hint hint!!). Having spent most of…

SewBibs Challenge: Burnside Bibs!

By Sarah | April 11, 2019

Power Bra SewAlong: Day 5

By Sarah | January 22, 2019

Power Bra SewAlong: Day 4

By Sarah | January 21, 2019

Power Bra SewAlong: Day 3

By Sarah | January 20, 2019

Power Bra SewAlong: Day 2

By Sarah | January 19, 2019

Power Bra SewAlong: Day 1

By Sarah | January 18, 2019

Raglan SewAlong: Day 4

By Sarah | December 13, 2018

Raglan Sew-Along: Day 3

By Sarah | December 12, 2018

Raglan Sew-Along: Day 2

By Sarah | December 11, 2018

Raglan Sew-Along: Day 1

By Sarah | December 10, 2018
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