Feelin’ like a Vixen!

Have you ever had a “unicorn fabric”? A specific print or piece that you’ve chased after for so long, it’s become about as real as a unicorn, always just out of reach? The “Vixen” french terry from Sly Fox Fabrics was one such unicorn (I hate to admit, I’ve had a few!), always snatched up by other eager buyers before I could snag some for myself.

And then, quite unexpectedly, I wound up scoring some. I stalked the mailbox for days, waiting eagerly for its arrival, and dreaming of all the possibilities. And then it arrived, was washed up, and folded neatly, and I FROZE. I loved it so much, I couldn’t decide on a single plan of action, and so it just sat there, taunting me with its too-cool-for-school distressed leather print and super soft inside.

Then, while trying (in vain!) to organize my stash, I came across some faux stretch leather I’ve had for years, and inspiration finally struck- I would make the Tallinn sweater, from Hey June, with the faux leather for the crossover band. I’d seen a couple people do this in her group last fall, so I knew I would love the look, and the Vixen was the perfect coordinate.

Having seen Mac Harva’s warning about all the taping involved in printing up the pattern, I took the easy way out at Kinko’s, printing it large format style. After that it was a breeze to sew up, and I was feeling especially pleased with myself for conquering my fears and turning the Vixen fabric into an even better vixen sweatshirt, when reality came crashing down on me- it BARELY fit over my head!

I had cut the turtleneck option (my neck is always cold during the winter!), but neglected to read the part in the pattern where Adriana warns that 75-100% stretch is required for the turtleneck, rather than the 30% stretch needed for the rest of the top. Fortunately, I have a very small head (I’m just asking for a bad joke here), so I was able to get it over by sucking in my eyeballs and decimating my hairdo, but just barely.

Once on, it was quite comfortable, and the nursing access is da bomb, so I know it will get plenty of play this fall and winter- but next time, I’ll heed the stretch warning or cut the cowl option, for which the increased stretch isn’t necessary!

Despite this humbling experience, I’m calling it a win, because instead of languishing in my stash with the other unicorns, this one is coming out to play every day it’s clean (and maybe sometimes when it’s only a little funky!).

That Vixen, she’s a sly girl- and you’re in luck because it’s in stock right now! Go grab it before I indulge myself and buy more!

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  1. Mable on October 26, 2017 at 5:12 am

    Sarah, this is stunning! You’ve inspired me to create something similar, but in tunic length. Thanks!

    • Sarah on November 1, 2017 at 9:29 pm

      Thank you! That will be gorgeous!

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