Zenith and Quasar

Zenith and Quasar is an online fabric retailer specializing in athletic knits and swim fabrics. They also run custom prints and designs! I love their athletic brushed poly and heavy supplex! Find them here: https://www.zenithandquasar.com

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Fourth of July friends! With 2020 more than halfway over, I could go deep here, and share all the insights, challenges, and opportunities I’ve had over the past 7 months, but I’ll save all that for another day, and just say that we are taking the day tommorow to celebrate the birth of our…

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Tempo Runs!

Our bodies are remarkably smart, and tend to adapt quickly to routine. When I first started running I had one pace- and I trained at that pace during every. single. run. While I developed great physical endurance from all the time on my feet, my race times didn’t budge, because I wasn’t challenging my body…

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Super Grrrreat!

I told you I’d be back soon with more of my #fitcapsule, and here it is! If you didn’t catch the last post, check it out first here. The rest of my capsule was inspired by the new Super G Leggings pattern, which just might be edging out my beloved Inspires for the go-to athletic…

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Brassie Jogger Hacks: Stretch Woven Brassies!

  Every so often, someone asks if the Brassie Joggers (made before here and here and here) can be made in a woven material. I initially dismissed this idea, as possible but nuts- who would want to wear woven instead of a soft comfy knit? I changed my tune when another reviewer posted a photo of…

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Sewing Swimwear: Supplies

Welcome to the first installment in my series on Sewing Swimwear: Supplies! Before last month, the total amount of swimwear I had sewn myself totaled 1- and that 1 was an ill-fated attempt at a one piece several years ago. That suit literally disintegrated after a few uses, and so I put swimwear on the…

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That Girl’s Got Moxi!

According to the Urban Dictionary, “moxie” means “sass, spunk, attitude” and can also be used to refer to  someone as a “hot chick”. I’m not sure about the latter (I’m in my 30s now, I think only my husband still says this about me), but the former certainly describes how I feel in these shorts-…

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