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Jessica Hooley DIBY Club

2017: Hits, Misses and Lessons Learned!

I’ve always enjoyed reading as other bloggers reflect on their “hits and misses” – in fact, its one of my favorite times of the year to read blogs, because it encourages me to reflect on my own sewing projects, and it always inspires me to add a few of their “hits” to my sewing list.…

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A Plaid obsession….

Do you ever have a designer that just reads your mind- putting out the perfect pattern at the perfect time? Not to go too #fangirl on you, but that’s exactly what happened to me with the new Julianne shirt by the DIBY Club. I’ve had this hooded button up shirt on my mind since last…

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Vacation on the beach: Shaving…Optional!

I spent 2 weeks packing for our family vacation down south…using a series of carefully crafted checklists to avoid forgetting the mountains of essential gear that is crucial to survival with three young children…and do you know what I forgot? RAZORS!!! I traveled to the land of who-wears-the-least-wears-it-best with the intention of doing a full…

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Applique Bikini Hack!

Since swimsuit season started (which is right after Valentine’s Day according to the ever strange advertising schedule of big box stores) I’ve been lusting over the applique swim bikini’s I’ve seen in those annoying (but sometimes useful) ads on Facebook. I was stymied, however, by what type of appliqué would be suitable for swim. Well,…

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June BeeBox: The Duchess Skirt!

I’ll admit, I was a bit stumped when I received my June Bee Box from Vinegar and Honey. I love stripes, but I don’t love sewing them (I’m a perfectionist, and all that matching drives me batty sometimes!). That, combined with the fact that its been in the triple digits here, had me scratching my…

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The Babe Hoodie: Drawstring Nursing Hack

    I’ll admit, I thought I was stashified when it came to hoodies. I own several different hoodie patterns, and I couldn’t imagine needing another….until Jessica Hooley sent me the Babe Hoodie and the Nursing Hack Pack. Read my review- check out the tutorial and don’t forget to scroll to the end for an Exclusive Discount Code…

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