Birthday Post!

It’s my birthday, so of course I had to commemorate it with a post about some selfish sewing I’ve been doing lately! While my dream day would involve lounging on a tropical island with a mai tai, lounging around the house drinking coffee in new me-made duds are a close second, so here we go!…

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Geranium Dress and Hank & Clementine Fabric Tour!

I hinted at it in my last post, but I’m excited to finally be able to share the other birthday dress I made for this precious girl! A few months ago I was contacted by the Phat Quarters shop, asking if I was interested in participating in a fabric tour for the new Hank & …

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Birthday Girl!

This girl. You wouldn’t believe how she lights up our lives- and today we get to celebrate, because she’s turning TWO!!! Before I had kids (and when my twins were young and the days seemed so L-O-N-G) people would always remark about how “time flies with little ones”- and I would do a little mental…

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