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Phee Fabrics

More Fit Gear!

Sewing activewear can be kind of addicting- its fast, easy, and gets lots of daily wear- what’s not to love? Hopefully you aren’t sick of seeing it on my blog, because here’s another winner! I took some time off from sewing during Spring Break, but as soon as I got back, I dove into the…

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Super Grrrreat!

I told you I’d be back soon with more of my #fitcapsule, and here it is! If you didn’t catch the last post, check it out first here. The rest of my capsule was inspired by the new Super G Leggings pattern, which just might be edging out my beloved Inspires for the go-to athletic…

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Fit Capsule- 2018 Edition!

Did any of your new year’s resolutions involve fitness goals? I’ve shared about my Sewing Goals for 2018, but I have lifestyle goals as well, and one of them is to prioritize my own health more. It’s so easy to feed the kids all their colorful veggies, and make sure they get their exercise time…

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Like Father, Like Son(s)

As much as I love my mommy-and-me matching outfits with the Princess (see examples here and here), my heart skipped a beat when Made for Mermaids offered the opportunity to create matching Daddy and me outfits for my husband and my twin boys. I love seeing how they look up to and emulate their father…

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