Year in Review

New Year’s Reflections

Happy New Year friends! I’ve taken a much needed blogging break while I enjoyed the holidays with the family, but I’ve been itching to add a post of my own to the collection of New Year’s sewing reflections that have been floating around the blog-o-sphere, so here I am (tell me its not too late!).…

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2018 Goal Post!

Note: This post will refer frequently to my 2017 Reflections post. If you haven’t read it, go check it out so you know what the heck I’m talking about, then hurry back! Hey hey! It’s a new year! Which means it’s time for GOALS! Sewing goals, more specifically, since I don’t think you care as…

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2017: Hits, Misses and Lessons Learned!

I’ve always enjoyed reading as other bloggers reflect on their “hits and misses” – in fact, its one of my favorite times of the year to read blogs, because it encourages me to reflect on my own sewing projects, and it always inspires me to add a few of their “hits” to my sewing list.…

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