Chalk and Notch

Raglan Round-Up (Part 2)

Sooo….. you knew it wasn’t going to stop at my last Raglan Round-Up post didn’t you? So many patterns to compare, so little time! Today I’m going compare several that have a few unique details not found on other raglans, as well as some TNT raglan patterns. The four I’ve chosen for this post are:…

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Chelsea Pants Week!

Welcome to Day 1 of Chelsea Pants Week! Wait, you didn’t see that on your Google Calendar? Well, you’re going to want to pencil it in, because the Greenstyle Chelsea Pants released today, and I’m a total #fangirl, seeing as I’ve made FIVE AMAZING PAIRS already, and have fabric in the wash for at least…

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Waterfall in the Garden

Ahh…waterfalls. When I’m stressed out (so much fabric, so little time!) I like to close my eyes and imagine myself by a forest stream at dusk, listening to the water cascade over the rocks as it flows toward a magnificent waterfall that can be heard rushing in the distance. Just close your eyes and picture…

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