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The Elusive Boatneck!

  I love a good boatneck top, and I’ve been eyeing a few of my ready to wear versions lately, thinking about replacing them with handmade as preparation for my ready to wear fast of 2018 (more on that later). However, finding a good boatneck pattern has proved more of a challenge than I anticipated- it…

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Velvet Crush

I took my family out shopping last weekend, and I kept running into velvet tee shirts- over and over and over. In Old Navy, Target, Gap….they were everywhere. I’m not always one to follow the trends (or let go of them when they’re long past!), but something about the romantic, wintry vibe just resonated with…

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Rich People Wear Matching Pajamas

So I’ve always had this fantasy in my head, that when I really had some extra money, like lots and lots of extra money, that I’d have a whole wardrobe full of matching pajamas. And that not only would I wear these amazing matching PJs every night, but that my kids and husband would have…

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