Zip it Up! FREE Zipper Bag Pattern!

I’ve added quite a few firsts to my sewing belt this year- my first jeans, my first capsule wardrobe, first coats (men’s AND women’s!), first bra (yet to be blogged)…there’s a lot to feel proud of!

One thing I haven’t attempted yet, though, is to sew a bag. For some reason the idea of sewing something that can stand up on its own  seemed a little daunting…but when Greenstyle was testing it’s newest free pattern- the Zipper Bag, I knew the time had come to give it a try.

It wasn’t nearly as complicated as I had anticipated…but that doesn’t mean my first try came out looking good.

Lacking the right interfacing, I decided to use scuba instead (a thick knit fabric), and my machine huffed and puffed getting over the zipper tabs and seam allowance at the sides, and the whole thing ended up a bit…wonky.

I wasn’t going to be defeated though, so for my next attempt I grabbed some beautiful, well-behaved cotton chambray, and tried again. While the result isn’t perfect (those tabs on the side of the zipper could look a bit better- I pushed them the wrong direction during construction), it is perfectly functional, and not bad looking at all!

It was really exciting to see it stand up on its own when I was done, and I added a heat transfer vinyl (from Surge Fabrics) to the front for a little flair.

This is the largest size, with the optional hand loop (the pattern comes in 3 sizes). Next time I’ll add a snap to it, so I can snap it around things, like stroller handles! It would be perfect for make-up, snacks, or even as a wristlet for a wallet and a lips  tick on a date!

You can grab the free pattern HERE– will it be your first bag making experience, or are you a veteran (in that case, feel free to give me some advice!).

If you want to make it a set, there’s another free pattern for a lip balm holder/keychain that came out yesterday- these would make such perfect gifts!

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  1. Sarah on September 11, 2018 at 6:47 pm

    This is kind of funny because literally JUST last night, I made THREE zipper pouches. I drafted the pattern myself, using an online tutorial but they look VERY similar to those and using an existing pattern would definitely have saved me time! I also love the idea of a loop!

    • Sarah on September 13, 2018 at 12:57 pm

      The loop is so handy! I think it would be even better with a snap added!

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