Comparison Post

Do the Twist!

When I first started seeing side knot/twist tops pop up around town, I was intrigued but not immediately sold. Other than an interesting design detail, what was the purpose of the knot? Would it feel weird during wear? I decided to find out. When I’m faced with a trend I’m skeptical about, the easiest thing…

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Raglan Round-Up (Part 2)

Sooo….. you knew it wasn’t going to stop at my last Raglan Round-Up post didn’t you? So many patterns to compare, so little time! Today I’m going compare several that have a few unique details not found on other raglans, as well as some TNT raglan patterns. The four I’ve chosen for this post are:…

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Raglan Round Up! (Part 1)

When I first started sewing indie patterns I was shocked that pretty much every designer had a raglan pattern. Why, I wondered? Don’t they know that style has already been “done”? After sewing a couple though, I quickly realized that while the basic design was the same, they all put their own spin on the…

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