Vacation on the beach: Shaving…Optional!

I spent 2 weeks packing for our family vacation down south…using a series of carefully crafted checklists to avoid forgetting the mountains of essential gear that is crucial to survival with three young children…and do you know what I forgot? RAZORS!!!

I traveled to the land of who-wears-the-least-wears-it-best with the intention of doing a full photo shoot and I forgot SHAVING SUPPLIES! This could have been a serious photography faux paus, ya’all, a stubbly mark of shame that would have taken hours of photoshop to erase. I was totally panicking (they sell every brand of liquor in Mission Beach but NO toiletries), until I remembered: I’m modeling SWIM SHORTS! All I have to do is keep my arms down and you’ll never know!

Ok, now you do, but the point remains- if your #momlife or #noexcusejustforgotlife has you a bit hairier than intended, these are the shorts for you!

The 5 out of 4 Tidal Wave Swim Shorts are fully lined, and feature a contoured waistband, optional colorblocking, optional leg bands, a variety of rises and lengths, and a diamond shaped gusset for comfort- everything you could possibly think of in a pair of swim shorts.

While I was procrastinating all the packing, I whipped up two versions- the first to match my appliqué bikini (see that hack here). I chose the extra low rise, shortie, colorblocked option for a sporty look. They came together very quickly- half an hour or less from cutting to hem. I omitted the clear elastic in the waist because it tends to give me a “muffin top”- if this is an issue for you too, I’d recommend powermesh on the inner waistband instead.

I find the rises on the swim shorts to run higher than I had planned- my extra low rise version could go a tiny but lower so that it hits me in the most flattering spot-but if you like a higher rise these will definitely have you covered, and it’s easier to take them a little lower if desired.

The feathers fabric is from Sly Fox– designed by the amazing Jessica Hooley of the DIBY club! It made a perfect dress (here) and I love it just as much in swim! The gold accent swim knit is from Sew Vagabond– their stuff is very high quality and I highly recommend checking them out!

I really put these to the test over the past week, running after the kiddos and showing off my mad boogey-boarding skills to my skeptical offspring- soI did notice that with active wear they tend to ride up a bit on the legs. I think next time I’ll either add the bands or slim down the inner thigh to give them a little more staying power. I also managed to find some cool gripper elastic at the National City Swap Meet,  so I might give that a try too!

My second version was also in the extra low rise shorties option (this time without colorblocking)- using swim fabric from Vinegar and Honey.

This fabric was from a preorder and I don’t think it’s still up for purchase, unfortunately, but it is such a striking print! I’m thinking it deserves its own top now- I’ve been crushing on the Wardrobe by Me Marilyn Bikini, so I might give that one a try next! The heiress from Swimstyle is also a tempting prospect…too many patterns, too little time!

I love how these shorts are a little more “appropriate” for post-beach adventures or my morning trek to the beach starbucks- much less awkward than walking around in my bikini bottoms!

Are you ready to put down your razor and hit the pool/beach/creek/sprinklers? Grab your Tidal Wave shorts HERE!

If you’re new to sewing swim- check out my blog post on supplies HERE, or my other swimwear posts HERE! If you can sew a tank top or a pair of knit shorts- you can do swimwear!

Note: this post contains affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase using one of these links a small portion of the proceeds comes back to me so I can continue to put these patterns to the test! Thank you!

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  1. Minn on July 12, 2017 at 6:13 pm

    That honesty makes me smile big, very lovely! The shorts look so good, I think I’ll try them!

    • Sarah on July 12, 2017 at 8:17 pm

      Thank you! I’m glad I made you smile!

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