Chelsea Pants Sewalong Day 4

We’re almost there folks! It’s day 4 of the Chelsea Pants SewAlong, and today we get to construct and attach our waistbands! It’s all downhill from here- once you do this, all that’s left is to hem ’em up and wear ’em out (and make another few pairs, of course!).

If you’re just catching up or want to review, here are the other videos and tutorials below:

Day 0: Supplies

Day 1: Cutting out your pattern

Day 2: Sewing the pockets

Day 3: Inseam, front and back crotch seams

Some tips for today’s construction:

    • It’s a good idea to baste your waistband together and try it on before permanently attaching it to your pants to check for fit. If you find it’s too loose, you can sew a deeper seam allowance, or if it’s too small, you can sew a slightly shallower seam allowance.
    • Baste the front waistband and pant seams together before serging or going over it with a stretch stitch, to make sure those seams and topstitching line up just right!
    • The back “V” is constructed just like a V neck T-shirt! This is my favorite tutorial from Hey June for V necks- if you’re new to them, you might want to give it a quick view before continuing.


Ready to construct the waistband and sew it onto your pants? Check out my video below and post your progress in the SewAlong Group!

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