Chelsea Pants SewAlong Day 3

Welcome to day 3 of the Chelsea Pants Sew Along! Those pockets from yesterday are looking really good, and today we get to sese our pants start to take shape (hopefully yours!).

To review, so far we have covered:


Cutting out your pattern

Sewing the pockets

Today, we will be sewing the front and back crotch seams and the inseam. If you have any doubts about the fit, it would be a great idea to baste them together first and try them on before serging or permanently attaching them. I believe these pants are a great starting point in terms of fit, but everyone has a unique body and part of the satisfaction of sewing your own clothes is learning how to adjust for your unique shape.

My favorite resources for pants fitting are the Closet Case Files article HERE, and Pants Fitting for Real People (you can purchase it on amazon here). 

These pants have a slightly unusual order of construction: the crotch seams are sewn first, followed by the inseams. This makes them easy to take in at the inseam, but makes crotch depth adjustments difficult. You are welcome to reverse this order if you feel you might need some adjustments in the front and back of the pants- check out the video for more details!

Thank you for following along!

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