Sunset in the Palms…

One of my favorite parts about being in south Florida for the winter were the sunsets. We’ve seen desert sunsets, mountain sunsets, and ocean sunsets, but nothing beats a sunset when you’re on a small chain of islands, surrounded by nothing but water and views.

It became a nightly tradition to walk out to the pier from our RV each evening to catch the view, often with friends. The adults would drink wine while they kids played around and threw rocks in the water, as we chatted about everything and nothing.

This sunset palms print in dri-release from Sew Dynamic fabrics reminded me of those moments, and I was happy to sew it up into some basics for myself and my boys.

Beatrice Dress

For my dress, I chose the Jalie Beatrice tank dress. I made this in cotton lycra previously, and have worn it quite a bit. The added drape and softness of the dri-release fabric made me feel like I was wearing secret pajamas, but I shortened it 3″ for a slightly more flirty look, and used my favorite binding method for the arms and neck (here). The only other modification I wish I would have done is to add pockets- I wear this dress with a pair of Clara shorties underneath, but those don’t have pockets either, so I end up constantly misplacing my phone when I’m sporting this outfit.

I’m thinking side-inseam pockets, but open to suggestions!

Ben Tanks

For my boys, I grabbed the Jalie Ben tank, which I’ve made previously here. This tank is perfect for using up scraps, and the coordinating fabric I used is the Royal Blue Heather Poly Spandex from Fabric Fairy, which also has a really nice drape to match the dri-release. My kids have zero issues with feeling like they are wearing pajamas in public (#homeschoolkidproblems), so they were delighted with the new tanks.

I serioulsy feel so blessed as a mom to have these boys- when I found out I was having not only twins, but twin boys, I straight up cried- how on earth could I releate (as a very girly only child) to a double dose of testoserone? I soon found out what many moms of boys know, and that is that they are so sweet, cuddly and eager to please their mamas. At age 11, they’ll still compete to sit on my lap, and somehow manage to curl themselves up to fit despite nearly outgrowing me!

I’m excited to see that Jalie just released a new collection of patterns as well, so I’m looking forward to getting those sewn up in the near future- the sweatshirt dress and joggers are definately calling my name. I know we are headed into summer, but so far our journey up north has been filled with rain and cool weather, so those items are still feeling appropriate!

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  1. Barb on May 25, 2022 at 1:00 pm

    I love your Beatrice dress but when I did link to pattern all of the models were in a size range much larger than me. I’m not nearly as petite as you but you’d think a pattern company would use a variety of sizes to showcase their pattern ☹️

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