Power Bra SewAlong: Day 2

By Sarah | January 19, 2019 | 0 Comments

  Welcome back to the Power Bra Sew Along! Yesterday we got started on our bras by finding the right supplies, measuring for the right fit, sewing a muslin (Hopefully!), ad cutting into our fabric. Today we will jump into the construction of our bras by sewing the front pieces together, in preparation for tomorrows…

Power Bra SewAlong: Day 1

By Sarah | January 18, 2019 | 13 Comments

Welcome to the Power Bra Sew-Along! This week we will be sewing up our Power Bras! I can’t tell you how excited I am to host this event- I’ve litterally been thinking about hosting the SewAlong since the pattern went into testing late last year. I have no less than 6 Power Bras in my…

His and Her Raglans!

By Sarah | January 14, 2019 | 6 Comments

Late last year, when I did the Raglan SewAlong (check that out HERE), I ended up with two great new raglans- one for myself, and one for the hubs. With all the Christmas and New Year’s crazies, I didn’t get around to blogging about it until now, which works out ok, because today is actually…

New Year’s Reflections

By Sarah | January 9, 2019 | 19 Comments

Happy New Year friends! I’ve taken a much needed blogging break while I enjoyed the holidays with the family, but I’ve been itching to add a post of my own to the collection of New Year’s sewing reflections that have been floating around the blog-o-sphere, so here I am (tell me its not too late!).…

A (last minute) Break from Christmas Sewing…

By Sarah | December 23, 2018 | 2 Comments

Merry Christmas Eve, friends! I hope this holiday season finds you happy and well, and not too stressed out by last minute shopping and sewing! If you’re still in procrastination mode, or need some selfish sewing to look forward to after you finish all those gifts, read on! I’ve been hustling like crazy to make…

Boom Boom POW(er) Bra!

By Sarah | December 14, 2018 | 13 Comments

I used to LOVE (love love!) Zumba, and one of my favorite songs to dance to was the Black Eyed Peas “Boom Boom Pow”. Every time that song came on, I could feel myself transforming into an amazing hip hop dance/song artist, with a whole crew (the class) behind me as my backup, as we…

Raglan SewAlong: Day 4

By Sarah | December 13, 2018 | 0 Comments

Welcome back to the Raglan SewAlong! Yesterday we sewed up our necklines, finishing them with bands, cowls or hoods. Today we are going to be hemming our tops or attaching bands/cuffs to finish the bottom and sleeves. This is the home stretch- yay! I’m also really enjoying seeing your tops as they come together- so…

Top 10 Gifts for Seamstresses!

By Sarah | December 12, 2018 | 2 Comments

Are you enjoying the holiday season? I sure am…I love seeing the Christmas lights strung up around town, getting holiday themed mugs from Dutch Bros, listening to Christmas carols, and watching my kids bounce off the walls with the endless parade of cookies, candies, and holiday treats. OK, maybe not that last one, but the…

Raglan Sew-Along: Day 3

By Sarah | December 12, 2018 | 2 Comments

  Welcome back to the Raglan SewAlong! Yesterday we sewed up our sleeve and side seams, and added any front details (ie pockets). Today we are going to dive into finishing the necklines of our tops. You have three basic choices here: Neckband, hood or cowl (women’s only). I’m demonstrating all three in the video,…

Raglan Sew-Along: Day 2

By Sarah | December 11, 2018 | 0 Comments

Welcome back to the Raglan SewAlong! Yesterday we selected our supplies, decided on our options, and cut out our fabric, so today we’re ready for the fun stuff: sewing! Raglans are a pretty quick garment, so today’s post will be brief, but that’s also a great opportunity to add a little something extra to your…

Sewing with Sarah's Latest Posts

Baby Harbor Knot

By Sarah | April 7, 2017

A few weeks ago, Striped Swallow Designs worked their drafting magic again and came up with the women’s Harbor Knot, a semi-fitted tee with a perfectly on-trend twist at the side seam. I’ve seen tops like this come up frequently on the pattern hacking groups, but there is NO WAY I would have been able…

How to Insert Clear Elastic into a Seam with your Serger

By Sarah | April 7, 2017

Ready to wear clothing makes great use of clear elastic in seams to provide structure, stretch and durability. Check out my video on how to apply clear elastic quickly and easily with your serger! I have the Brother 1034D serger, available here on Amazon. You can find clear elastic on Amazon as well here. Full…

How to Gather with your Serger

By Sarah | April 7, 2017

Sergers can do so much more than just sew and finish seams! Watch this video to learn how to use your serger to gather fabric- no more pulling on long basting threads! I have the Brother1034D serger, which I purchased on Amazon here. Its a workhorse, and sews very well for the price. Full Disclosure:…

Spring is in the Air!

By Sarah | April 6, 2017

My goal this year is to sew up as much of the Princess’s spring/summer wardrobe as possible. Last year, as a small baby, she wore mainly footie pajamas, and those are pretty boring to make  (at least in the quantity she needed- due to baby spit up, poo-splosions, etc.) and I wasn’t feeling very inspired.…

Twirlin’ in Red White and Blue Sparkles!!!

By Sarah | April 1, 2017

Hello friends! I have something really fun to share with you today! My first strike offs! I hinted at it in my last post, and here they are! In case you’re unfamiliar with what a strike-off is, they are essentially samples of fabrics that will be run as a pre-order. To help customers to get a…

GreenStyle Midway Bomber Jacket

By Sarah | March 27, 2017

Floral jackets have been EVERYWHERE this season, and I’ve been dying for one of my own. Self made, of course, so it won’t fall apart at the seams after a few washes (Target jacket, I’m looking at you!). But, I’ve been too scared to dive in and make one on my own without some serious…

Waterfall in the Garden

By Sarah | March 27, 2017

Ahh…waterfalls. When I’m stressed out (so much fabric, so little time!) I like to close my eyes and imagine myself by a forest stream at dusk, listening to the water cascade over the rocks as it flows toward a magnificent waterfall that can be heard rushing in the distance. Just close your eyes and picture…

Patterns for Pirates Heartbreaker Cami

By Sarah | March 14, 2017

It’s time I told you: I’m a pirate! No, not the kind with a parrot and an eye patch (the closest I’ve come to that is a pet lovebird in junior high) but the sewing kind- a swashbuckling member of the Patterns for Pirates Sewing Pattern Group. I have many (as yet unblogged) versions of…

The good kind of Clique (and a M4M Mama Ella and Greenstyle Brassie Joggers)

By Sarah | March 12, 2017

I have to be honest, I wasn’t one of the popular girls in high school. Not even close. In fact, I think they kinda hated me. But whatever! Now I’m part of new COOL clique, one that involves one of my favorite things: FABRIC! A couple weeks ago, Dhee, of the Fab Clique, reached out…

GreenStyle Open Back Pullover and Stride Tights

By Sarah | March 9, 2017

When I’m not sewing (or taking care of the kids, or keeping up with life), I love to run and workout. I’ve been running for seven years (took it up right before I got pregnant with my twins- THAT was a sanity saver), but just recently got into TRX training, which I do at a…

An Easter Dress for the Princess

By Sarah | March 9, 2017

Can you believe its March already? We’ve got leprechauns running around and its almost time for Easter, which means: Easter Dresses! Growing up, picking out my Easter dress was one of my favorite things to do, and I’m no less excited about sewing the perfect Easter dress for Princess this year. Now that she can…

This one’s for the boys!

By Sarah | March 3, 2017

   I’m back with another pattern testing adventure, the Willow and Redwood vests from 5 out of 4 Patterns for two of my favorite guys! I could have alternately titled this post,  zipper immersion therapy, because with four! zippers a piece, these vests will desensitize your zipper fears FAST. I’m happy to say that thanks…

Straight into Homeschool

By Sarah | September 4, 2017 | 9 Comments

It’s a social media tradition to post photos of your kids on the first day of school, holding a sign with their age, grade, and future aspirations. Being a sucker for all things mom-corny, I love these photos, and I wanted to re-create them in a special way for our first day of homeschool. Of…


By Sarah | December 11, 2017 | 45 Comments

Every month I receive a fun surprise box of fabric from Vinegar and Honey. And every month I hem and haw about what to do with it- but when this month’s box arrived, a lovely plaid ponte, I had an uncharacteristic moment of certainty, and decided that I needed to make a matching outfit for…

Tutorial: Gathered Back Lago Tank

By Sarah | May 31, 2017 | 3 Comments

The whole time I was testing the Lago tank (here), I knew I wanted to hack it, and had a specific style I wanted to recreate based off a favorite ready to wear top that has a knit front and back yoke with a gathered woven lower back. While testing isn’t the best time for…

Hacked! Summit Peak Hoodie with Nursing Access

By Sarah | March 31, 2018 | 1 Comment

I’ve been waiting on the women’s Summit Peak Hoodie ever since I tested the children’s version late last year. I’ve actually thought about using the largest kids size, but that can be problematic, as I’m not really proportioned like a kid, despite being pretty petite. So I was really excited to see it finally come…

Pattern Testing: Peekaboo Patterns Lullaby Line Cardigan Bodysuit

By Sarah | February 23, 2017 | 0 Comments

Warning: This post may contain an overabundance of adorable baby photos. Stop looking now if that type of thing offends you. You’ve been warned. I am so excited to share another new pattern with you today: The Lullaby Line Cardigan Bodysuit by Peekaboo Patterns. If you know Peekaboo patterns, you know that Amy always comes…

Holiday Dress for Baby!

By Sarah | September 14, 2017 | 0 Comments

One of the things I dreamed about when I found out I was having a girl, was the Christmas and Easter dresses I would sew for her- but real life with a baby/toddler often gets in the way of realizing these dreams- especially if I wait until the last minute! That’s why I was so…

Never fear the geometric prints!

By Sarah | October 30, 2017 | 0 Comments

I’ve always been a little hesitant to sew with large scale boho, paisley, or geometric prints- what if I end up with huge mandalas on my boobs? – But they keep popping up in my feed, and in a moment of weakness, I ordered this paisley-ish single brushed poly print in royal from Sly Fox…

Inspire Tights Sew-Along: Day 1

By Sarah | October 4, 2018 | 3 Comments

Welcome to the first day of the Greenstyle Inspire Tights Sew-Along! This series of tutorials is part of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” Sew-Along happening for the next week in the Greenstyle Facebook Group.  Since the Inspire Tights are pretty much my favorite leggings pattern, I decided it was high time that they be treated to…

When Life Gives You Lemons…(make mommy and me tops!)

By Sarah | July 11, 2018 | 6 Comments

I’ve had quite a few sewing “lemons” lately- patterns I was super excited to sew up, that for various reasons turned out completely unwearable. It happens to the best of us, I guess, but I found myself last week in a bit of a rut. Heres the equation, for all you math geeks out there:…

Chelsea Pants Week: Day 3

By Sarah | October 5, 2017 | 3 Comments

Are you sick of Chelsea pants week yet? You can’t possibly be, because I have still have more looks to share and I’m still O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with this pattern! (Did you miss Day 1 and Day 2? Check them out and then come back!) Today’s look is more casual than yesterday, more of an everyday look.…

Power Bra SewAlong: Day 2

By Sarah | January 19, 2019

Power Bra SewAlong: Day 1

By Sarah | January 18, 2019

Raglan SewAlong: Day 4

By Sarah | December 13, 2018

Raglan Sew-Along: Day 3

By Sarah | December 12, 2018

Raglan Sew-Along: Day 2

By Sarah | December 11, 2018

Raglan Sew-Along: Day 1

By Sarah | December 10, 2018

Inspire Leggings SewAlong: Day 5

By Sarah | October 9, 2018

Inspire Tights Sew-Along: Day 4

By Sarah | October 8, 2018

Inspire Tights Sew-Along: Day 3

By Sarah | October 7, 2018

Inspire Tights Sew-Along: Day 2

By Sarah | October 5, 2018
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