Rich People Wear Matching Pajamas

So I’ve always had this fantasy in my head, that when I really had some extra money, like lots and lots of extra money, that I’d have a whole wardrobe full of matching pajamas. And that not only would I wear these amazing matching PJs every night, but that my kids and husband would have matching sets too, and we’d all walk around in our matching pajamas eating ice cream and watching movies in our own private movie theatre.

Well, I’m still kind of waiting for most of this fantasy to be realized, but I’ve been able to achieve a small part of it- my very own mommy-and-me matching PJ sets!

Sew A Little Seam just hit 10K members (hooray!) and as a thank you, they have released an updated version of the children’s Movie Night Pajamas and added a women’s version for FREE!!!!

One look at the line drawings and I jumped at the chance to test them- the women’s version has about a million options, with plackets or bands, scoop/high necks, short/long sleeves, yoga or elastic waist, and cuffs/leg bands or hemmed openings.

The fit is seriously superb- I’ve never had a pattern fit me right out of the gate quite this well! the neck is low enough for nursing, and I’m set on doing the placket version next.

I chose the yoga waistband and got so excited about the fit I didn’t even bother putting in a drawstring…but those always get lost in the wash anyway right?

I colorblocked the front to make room for my panel, which was easy peasy.

Also, pattern placement on these pants was HARD. I laughed so hard I cried the first time I saw front and the back…it might be hard to tell, but that is a little bit of a camper keeping out in the front, and I have twin campers on my ass…


The fit on Princess was also excellent- I know my stripes don’t match but I was really short on fabric so I had to “make it work!”. I’m calling it a design feature. Or a saving-money-on-crazy-expensive-custom-knit feature. Whatever.

In celebration I used some of my camping theme panels and coordinate from Peekaboo Fabric Shop, splicing in some TKB Prints yellow stars when I came up short (why on earth did I think I could make four pairs of matching PJs with just 1.5 yards of coordinate?).

I even added my own labels!

I had a grand plan when it came to this photoshoot….but the weather was crazy smokey and the baby was in full on I’ll do anything you want EXCEPT look at the camera mode.

She had pretty much just run away completely in this photo. Though camping out by myself doesn’t sound half bad now that I think about it….

I only had time to make a pair for myself and the baby, but you can bet everyone in our family is going  to be sporting these come Christmastime! I’ve already ordered some of this deliciously soft knit from So Sew English for it (hoping 5 yards will be enough this time!), and I’ve been giving my entire stash the side eye, mentally noting which fabrics need to be made in pajamas STAT.

Go join the Sew a Little Seam Facebook Group for the special code to make them free, and grab your pattern for free HERE! All other Sew a Little Seam Patterns are 20% off with a special code in the pinned post- so look for that one too!

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Just for laughs, this is what happens when you push your baby past her limits with photos…


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  1. Susana Cunha on September 11, 2017 at 11:55 am

    These are just gorgeous!!! I want to make some with this fabric too!

    • Sarah on September 13, 2017 at 3:58 pm

      Thank you so much!

  2. Abbey on September 13, 2017 at 7:46 am

    Ha ha! I love these! So adorable! Good luck on getting your whole family in matching PJs.

    • Sarah on September 13, 2017 at 3:57 pm

      Ha! Thank you! Hoping I ordered enough fabric this time!

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