“What can WE do?”

I’ve been trying to teach my boys more about current events, now that they are almost 7 and have the maturity to understand more of the bigger picture outside their small circles. One thing we covered this week was the devastation brought about by Hurricane Harvey, the local fires (which are VERY obvious to us, as we have been personally affected by all the smoke in the air), and the impending landfall of Hurricane Irma.

As we were watching news clips and looking at pictures, they asked the question that is on the minds of so many- “But mama, how can WE help these people, since we are so far away?”. Their question got to the heart of the issue that we all face- it’s overwhelming and sometimes even paralyzing to choose a way to help. Which of the hundreds of charities should you donate to? How do you know your money will go toward actually helping those affected? What do they actually NEED?

That’s why I felt a huge sense of relief when Megan of Made for Mermaids announced that the pattern test I was working on, which was originally intended to be a free pattern as part of the 35K celebration, would now be offered for a few dollars for a couple weeks to gather funds to send to a few reputable charities that were providing help to those in need. I don’t own a huge pattern company (or even a small one! LOL) but I DO SEW, so I was excited to be able to contribute to the effort in my own little way, by encouraging you to buy this pattern.

And it’s so TOTALLY worth the $3! I made both the girls and the women’s versions, which come in a variety of lengths, and whip up in about 20 minutes or less (especially if you don’t bother hemming them!). I used a lightweight liverpool from my Vinegar and Honey Bee Box, with the ponte coordinate for the waistband.

Princess is sporting the “above the knee” length in a size 1, to accommodate her cloth diapered bum! I love the comfortable wide yoga waist and the swing on these- they fit right in with an active toddler, who makes it her mission to literally RUN from the camera.

See right here? She’s saying “bye- try to catch me!”

HA! Gotcha!

For my matching pair, I chose the 4″ inseam, and the size grey waist, grading to a size pink for the hips.

I found them to be somewhat fitted in the hips, so I would definitely recommend choosing your size based on that measurement. For my next pair, I will also lengthen the rise, as these fit nicely but could use a little extra room there based on my preference. I love the swing of them, and they kept me nicely cool during our still-too-hot fall afternoons.

If you’re looking for a way to help with the hurricanes, consider grabbing the women’s and girl’s Cora Culottes today- they’ll be $3 each until 9/30/17, at which point they will become a free pattern.

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Note: This post contains NO AFFILIATE LINKS! I want all proceeds to go toward the hurricane relief efforts!



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