Eating Dino-nuggets in style with the Brunch Blouse!

Most of my “brunches” consist of frozen dino-nuggets, applesauce and goldfish crackers, but that didn’t stop me from jumping in on the latest Patterns for Pirates release: the Brunch Blouse!

Despite my less-than-glamourous lunch dates, I was delighted by all the options in this pattern, particularly the placket option- as it means easy and fashionable nursing access. I like to have nursing clothes that don’t look like nursing clothes- and this fit the bill perfectly!

The brunch blouse comes with a variety of fun options, from dress length to waist ties. I know a zipper hack is also being blogged, which I may try at some point with a more structured woven for an edgier look. The seam at the center back saves fabric and is an easy way to add shape and prevent a sway back, if you need it.

You may recognize this particular floral from my Fall Sewing Plans: Woven Edition post– it was a beautiful one yard cut of fabric from Sew Vagabond (now Boho Fabrics) that I loved but didn’t know what to do with, as one yard pieces don’t seem compatible with most of the fabric hungry woven patterns available. (new to sewing wovens? Check out my Wovens 101 post here!).

The wool peach fabric (I think it’s really made of polyester, but just called wool peach for some reason?) behaved like a slightly less flowy version of rayon challis, making it easier to manipulate but still with plenty of drape for a flattering silhouette.

I used a rayon-silk blend in burgundy for my bias binding- I’ve noticed this touch on a variety of RTW tops and I think it really fancies it up! It looks wrinkled here, but I’m pretty sure it lays flat in real life!

I had a bit off difficulty with topstitching and putting in the buttonholes- I did interface my fabric, but that almost made it too thick and heavy. Also, my buttonholer on my machine made the openings too small for my buttons- so only the top one comes open. Fortunately, this is low enough to nurse, but next time I will use a lighter interfacing or experiment with different needles and tensions.

I’ve worn this blouse to work a couple times since I’ve made it, and it was perfect- any work stress was melted away by that “field of flowers” feeling.

Grab your pattern here (aff) and check out the girls version too! Those adorable testers almost have me reconsidering my plans to stick to knits for the baby!

You can get both in a bundle as well and save some $$ for more fabric!

What are your lunches like? Relaxing or crazy-making but lovable?!

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  1. Courtney on September 15, 2017 at 11:26 am

    Sarah- what a great blog post- everything about it, your design, the details, the photographs, I’m very impressed!

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