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A Vermont State of Mind….

I’ve heard amazing things about fall in Vermont, and though I’ve never been, the Vermont Cardigan from New Horizons Designs has been calling my name as the perfect way to usher in the cooler weather and stay cozy while the kids make forts out of the neighbors’ leaf piles (if you’re my neighbor, and you’re…

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Chelsea Pants Week: Day 3

Are you sick of Chelsea pants week yet? You can’t possibly be, because I have still have more looks to share and I’m still O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with this pattern! (Did you miss Day 1 and Day 2? Check them out and then come back!) Today’s look is more casual than yesterday, more of an everyday look.…

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Always Be a Mermaid….

                               When I was a little girl, I was often home sick from school (chronic ear infections….plus a little lollygagging), and while I was “recovering”, my favorite thing to do was watch Peter Pan on VHS (am I dating myself a bit here?). The best part was when Peter is visiting the Mermaids in…

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