An Easter Dress for the Princess

Can you believe its March already? We’ve got leprechauns running around and its almost time for Easter, which means: Easter Dresses! Growing up, picking out my Easter dress was one of my favorite things to do, and I’m no less excited about sewing the perfect Easter dress for Princess this year.

Now that she can walk, dresses are a much more regular part of the Princess’s wardrobe, and I love seeing her toddle around in them as she tries to execute a twirl or a dance move.

Side note: Have you ever seen a baby try to crawl in a dress? Much as I love dressing her up, it was just SAD, so I had to put all the cute dresses on hold until she could stand upright. Fortunately, she’s hit that milestone running (literally), so I’m seizing the moment, before she gets too opinionated and starts insisting on jeans and t shirts all the time.

Right about the time I was starting to contemplate what I should make her for Easter, Jessica, pattern designer at Elegance and Elephants put out a testing call for the Mira Dress. I’ve LOVED all Jessica’s other patterns, and their casual yet feminine vibe, so I jumped right on it, and was honored to be selected to test this dress.

With options for a plain front, princes seams or princess seams with a gathered center panel and a beautiful gathered skirt, the Mira Dress does not disappoint.


With so many fabric/pattern combinations swirling in my head, I had a hard time narrowing it down, (I want to make ALL the Mira dresses) but I finally settled on a pink and white striped cotton shirting that I had attempted to make into a changing pad cover before Princess was born. That project required drafting my own pattern, and while I might have some skill in writing and sewing, I have no math skills, so my project quickly went awry and I ended up slinking down to TJ Maxx to buy a cheapie. BUT, the fabric was too beautiful to toss, so I stuck it back into my fabric closet to await its destiny.

I’m so glad I saved it, because I think it looks perfect for this spring dress. With some careful cutting and a bit of luck, I was able to match up the stripes at the zipper and side seams (almost) perfectly. The bodice is attached to the lining via the burrito method, which Heidi offers a VERY helpful video for. I actually hadn’t ever attempted this method before, and I was on pins and needles (literally, those things are always getting lost in the carpet in my sewing room) waiting to see if it would actually work. Of course, it does, and I love the finish. I lined the bodice in rayon bemberg, which is soft and very pretty but frays like a bad hair day. Thank goodness all those seams are hidden inside the dress!

If you’re making the dress, and have a child that runs in between sizes, I’d recommend sizing down, especially in the chest area. Princesses’ dress gapes a tiny bit in the back, but thats nothing a little growing won’t fix. Next time, I plan to take it in a bit there. Also, don’t fear the invisible zip. These were actually the first zippers I learned to do, and I find them the most user-friendly.

We took Princess out to the park at dusk for a photo shoot, and while she was less than thrilled about the feel of the grass, she was easily bribed with a veggie straw, and some peek-a-boo with her brother brought out her lovely smile.

Want to make your little princess her own Mira Dress? Head over to E and E patterns group to see other testers versions, and then purchase your pattern here!

So, what do you think? Do you remember wearing special outfits for Easter? Were they handmade or purchased?

Next up: How I conquered my fear of fly zippers!




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