Toasty Warm!

I hate being cold. As in really, truly despise it with every fiber of my being. More than being hungry, sleep deprived or overworked, being cold is likely to send me into a fit of irriation and misery in less time than it takes to say “grab a sweater”. Now that summer is fading and fall is upon us (which I LOVE), I have to start arming myself against the impending winter months (or maybe we should just move to Australia for the winter? Anyone have a house in Australia we can visit?).

And that means sweaters. Plenty of warm, cozy sweaters- the fuzzier the better. My ammunition of choice is sweater knit- so I snapped up a couple yards of the brushed hacci from Sly Fox Fabrics in a gorgeous ivory/white. I’m probably in total denial here- white rarely stands a chance against my #momlife, but it looked so soft and angelic, I just couldn’t resist.

When it arrived, I tore open my box and snuggled right into it- feeling like I was wrapped in a fluffy cloud! I’ve worked with hacci before (a lightweight sweater knit that is the wintry cousin to rayon spandex) but never a “brushed” hacci- and I’m totally sold! This color is slightly sheer, but that works out just fine for me, as I prefer to layer up in the winter, so I can adjust for temperature differences between the house, outdoors and office.

I chose the Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven for my pattern- it was all over my news feed last year, but I had totally forgotten about it over the summer. A friend pointed it out again, and I’m so glad- it’s going to be a new favorite for sure! Deceptively simple, the pattern features raglan sleeves, a wide turtleneck, loose fit, cropped and banded bodice, and long sleeves with bands- the perfect “wardrobe staple” for the cooler weather to come.

I did increase the height of the turtleneck portion by a couple inches, so it would be a little more cowl-like- this pattern is designed for a more stable knit, and since my hacci was less structured than intended I wanted to adjust the look of the collar so it fit with my fabric.

I especially like the shape of the sleeve cuffs- they aren’t plain rectangles, but are narrower at the bottom and wider at the top- a fun detail that makes for a nice silhouette. I also topstitched my hem band, so the seam would lay flat there- it was driving me nuts!

The fit (in the smallest size) was perfect, and with the sleeve cuffs rolled up the length of the sleeves is just right. I might try sewing them into thumb-hole cuffs next time, to increase the cozy-factor, or just shorten them if I don’t want a double cuffed sleeve.

I plan to wear this layered over a cami (my current favorite is the Sunset Cami by New Horizons designs– sewn with lace HERE) for more discreet nursing access, a pair of boots and a pair of fleece backed leggings for the ultimate winter outfit. This fabric is also available in olive and black-and I’m not going to be able to resist grabbing those too!

mmmm….toasty! If you’re curious, my necklace is from GrayC Glass, a local artisan mama. You can check out her jewelry here– I’m always drooling over it (I don’t make any money from this link- just want to support a local WAHM!)

What are your fall sewing plans? Have you started yet?

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