Chelsea Pants Week: Day 2!

It’s Day 2 of my self-imposed “Chelsea Pants Week” (see my Day 1 intro post HERE), and today I’m going to show you the “dress up” version of the NEW Chelsea pants by Greenstyle Creations.

Yesterday was a boho/casual/wine with the girlfriends type of look, but the Chelsea’s are incredibly versatile, and also look sharp for days at the office (in case you’re wondering, I do work part time, if only to give myself an opportunity to dress up once a week) or a classy evening out.

This pair was made out of a soft wool blend doubleknit from my stash that’s been there so long I can’t remember exactly where I bought it. I loved the feel and quality of this fabric, but the herringbone felt a little “wild” for me (or maybe my life is just waaaayyy too tame nowadays) and I never found the right pattern match, so it just sat, neatly folded in the corner of my fabric closet.

When I started pulling out potential fabric candidates for the Chelsea pants, it jumped  out at me, and I thought, why not?

I’m so glad I did, because these are the most comfortable business pants I own! I lined the waistband with a scrap of  black performance knit, and added pockets, because I just couldn’t resist. Since the print is so busy, they’re hardly visible, but I love them anyway!

These were actually the last pair to get photographed, which meant I ran out of time to change before my son’s soccer game! I *may* have been a tad overdressed, chasing my toddler up and down the play structure, but it felt great, and they held up much better than any of my other work pants to the rigors of #soccermomlife.

Which look do you like best so far? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post- what look will be next?

Don’t forget to grab the Chelsea pants while they’re on SALE! 

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