Twist and Shout! Made for Mermaids Tara Top!

I’ve got another fun pattern test to share with you today: The Tara Top by Made for Mermaids!

Even though my plate was already WAY too full, I jumped into this one headfirst because I just love the design- the twist sleeves and drape front are totally my style!

(If you’re not a fan though, there are also options for plain sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, and long sleeves, as well as a tank version and a plain front “hack”. See all the hacks on the Made for Mermaids blog HERE). That, and I’m a sucker for a matching mommy-and-me set (gotta get those in while I can!).

Lucky for me and my crazy life, this shirt was a breeze to sew up- the drape looks elegant, but only takes a few minutes with a basting stitch to construct. Since my sewing machine went belly up during this test, and I was working on a loaner, this was awesome- I didn’t realize how accustomed to my own machine I had become until I tried to work on another one! It’s like going to the grocery store across town- everything is in the wrong place!

My first version is made with rayon spandex viscose from Sly Fox Fabrics. I sewed the twist sleeves, drape front option in a size grey. You don’t really need to do a lot of mashing sizes on this one, as the drape gives you a bit of “wiggle room”- I’m technically a pink for waist and hips, but I didn’t grade at all and it fits perfectly.

Princess got a matching drape front top with plain sleeves in 200GSM rayon spandex from Pretty Posh Prints that was part of their pre-order a while back. The neckline on the girls was raised slightly after this version- you can see the updated neck curve in the french terry one below.

I love the heavier weight of this rayon jersey- its easy to sew with and still has a beautiful drape. Just don’t press it on high heat! I HATE that shiny line that shows up if you press rayon jersey over seams. Grrr….

Also, you can see that this top is quite nursing friendly. Princess is always happy to have a snack and demonstrate that for you!

Since it was so fast, I even had a chance to try out an off-the-shoulder hack.

This is another one of those “I’m not sure this is me, but I’ll give it a try”, and I LOVE it! It makes me feel sexy, but in a day time way! The hack is super simple- I simply eliminated the neckband, and left everything raw, finishing my serger tails with fray block (special thanks to the reader who pointed out that fray block makes a softer edge than fray check!)

Since I didn’t even have to hem, this version was even faster than the first- so I made it a set too!

(Note: The Made for Mermaids official hack has you shave off a bit from the neck curve making a wider opening- I didn’t do this, but you can depending on your preference!)

These tops were made in french terry from Love Adore Fabrics– I’ve been hoarding it for a while, but I’m so glad to have sewn some of it up.

I thought fondly of Kimberly all the while and the beautiful impact she made on the world via her fabric shop. My prayers continue to be with her family and friends. Every time I wear it, I’ll try to remember to make the most of each day with my family- you never know when you won’t have that opportunity anymore (this is especially important on those days when I want to ship them all off to Australia! So if you find me in this top- it might be a good idea to give me an extra hug or a cup of coffee).

Grab your patterns while they’re on sale!

Mama Tara HERE for $7 on sale
Girls Tara HERE for $7 on sale
Bundle HERE for $10 on sale

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Even though I get some of these patterns free for testing, fabric is expensive y’all! Any purchase you make helps pad my paypal account and avoid marital disputes (at no cost to you). Thank you!

We made our photoshoot into a family picnic and hike- the park is beautiful this time of year! I wish summer could last forever!




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  1. Let's Get Sewing on July 30, 2017 at 11:17 am

    These tops are all so lovely! The fabrics you chose are gorgeous.

    • Sarah on July 30, 2017 at 11:22 am

      Thank you!

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