Camo is a Country Girl’s Bling!

I’ve never been huge on camo. Or pencil skirts, for that matter. I’m a pretty practical dresser, so most of my #momlife wardrobe consists of shirts in colors that don’t show baby food stains and pieces that can go from standing to sitting criss-cross-applesauce without any adjustment in ten seconds flat.

However, sometimes you’ve got to switch things up a bit, and the Pierside Skirt by New Horizons was an opportunity to expand my repertoire and (hopefully!) ahieve a casual, but more put-together look for those days when I do make it out of my yoga pants.

Of course, the opportunity to make a matching skirt for the Princess was icing on the cake, and I eagerly dove into my stash to see what we could find.

While this pattern works well in a variety of knits (rayon spandex, ponte, ITY, etc) I wanted a more structured, durable piece, so I narrowed down my choices to french terry knits with some drape. I had originally purchased the poly/rayon/spandex camo french terry from So Sew English to make a hoodie or sweats for one of my boys, but surprised myself by pulling it off the shelf and claiming it as my own for this test!

This pattern comes with options galore, but I chose the straight hem, knee length version in a size XS, and shortened it 2.5″ to accommodate my 62″ height. Princess got the same options, without the pockets (which I later regretted omitting!). The waistband was made from a matching athletic knit, and I added grommets and a twill drawstring to my skirt to finish it off.


The result is a sinfully soft skirt that I can wear around the house, out to dinner, or (maybe) camping! How’s that for versatile?

Since my sewing machine was broken (please send good thoughts and healing vibes for a quick recovery!), these skirts were constructed entirely on my serger and coverstitch machines and went together in 30 minutes or less!

Because I don’t like the look of the drawstring inside the waistband, I actually just threaded it through the two grommets and called it a day! The pockets are roomy enough for my iphone or a set of keys (assuming I can find the darn things!).

During our photoshoot, Princess kept trying to “find” her pockets and put rocks down the waistband of her skirt, which to her dismay, simply fell right through to the ground! I’m thinking of adding a front kangaroo pocket to her skirt to avoid future frustrations….

Grab the women’s pattern HERE

The Girls pattern HERE

or the bundle HERE

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