Pattern Testing: Peekaboo Patterns Lullaby Line Cardigan Bodysuit

Warning: This post may contain an overabundance of adorable baby photos. Stop looking now if that type of thing offends you. You’ve been warned.

I am so excited to share another new pattern with you today: The Lullaby Line Cardigan Bodysuit by Peekaboo Patterns. If you know Peekaboo patterns, you know that Amy always comes up with adorable and practical clothing for children and adults. Case in point: this bodysuit. Instead of having to dress baby in bulky layers that tend to ride up as the baby moves around (baby S HATES layers), you get a cardigan/bodysuit combo that stays put, and looks adorable to boot!

When I saw the tester call, I couldn’t resist applying- there’s nothing cuter than a baby in a cardigan. Unless its my baby in a cardigan. I know, I’m biased, but there you have it. See? How could you possibly disagree?

Anyway, the cardigan can be constructed with or without the faux undershirt, and looks equally adorable on boys or girls. I made mine with puff sleeves, the attached faux undershirt, and a snap placket at the crotch for “easy” diaper changes (ever changed a 12 month old? Its like wrestling an alligator. Never easy, but the snaps make it faster!)

I used fabric from my very first custom buy from Vintage Lace that I’ve been hoarding for just the right project. The undershirt was made from cotton lycra from purple seamstress and the binding was from Jumping June Textiles. Although they were all from different places, I love how they came together in this outfit!

Baby S loves to put on necklaces, so I gave her some of my pearls for this photoshoot, and she was in heaven. She loves dressing up “pretty” (my boys NEVER did this type of thing- the X chromosomes are strong in this one!). We also took her to the Orchard in the evening for some fun shots there too, although she was less enthusiastic about being pants less in 50 degree weather. The things we women do for fashion.

Anyway, go grab the pattern while its on sale (24 hours only!) here and whip yourself up a few as well. I think they make especially good baby gifts for friends and family!


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