Top 3 Photography Tips for Testers!

Hello friends! Today I’m over on the Greenstyle Creations blog sharing something I’m deeply passionate about- photography. Not just any old photography, sewing photography of course!

On this blog, nearly all the photography is a collaboration between my husband and myself- he usually mans the camera, and I obsess about getting the right settings, background, etc.

That’s not without it’s challenges, but we’ve come such a long way over the past year and a half (if you don’t believe me, check out our first photoshoots, here). We’re proud of our hard work, and happy to share some of the things we’ve learned along the way with you- and some of it FROM all of you (so thank you!)

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into creating the types of images you see on this blog, or want a few tips on how to up your photography game, make the jump to check out the post¬†HERE

I am considering writing more in depth about this topic if there’s interest, so please drop me a comment below if there are topics you’d like to see explained in more detail, or things I didn’t address that you would find helpful. As always, you’re welcome to share a direct link to this post with your friends!

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