Brassie Joggers SewAlong: LIVE

Whew! I did it! My first LIVE SewAlong!

Apart from my husband stepping on and embedding a sewing machine needle in his foot halfway through (sorry honey!), I think it went pretty well!

I loved the opportunity to interact with the viewers and answer questions in real time. It is so satisfying to watch someone gain confidence as they sew along and create their first garment, to offer suggestions, tips, and encouragement along the way! I even learned some new things, and a rockin’ pair (my 8th!) of Brassie Joggers in Knitpop Yoga knit to show for it!

In case you missed the live broadcast, you can watch the whole thing below!

Here’s a quick Q and A for questions that came up during the event:

  1. What type of tape do you use to secure the pockets before you stitch?
    • I use Washaway Wondertape- found on amazon here. Other people have suggested Steam a Seam too, here
  2. What kind of knit stay tape do you use on the pocket edges?
    • I use Fusible Bias Stay Tape found on amazon here
  3. What kind of snap/grommet press do you have?
    • The Grommet/Snap Press I bought is from KAM Snaps, here. You can find similar models on amazon here.
  4. What type of pattern weights do you use?
    • I use large washers from Lowes and bean bag pattern weights here
  5. Do you use your coverstitch machine at all?
    • Yes! It comes in handy for the pocket edges and the hemming, but I wanted to show how you can do a decorative sewing machine edge as well.
  6. What machines do you have?
    • I have this sewing machine. It was quite an investment, but clearly one I use alot!
    • This coverstitch (Janome 1000CPX), BUT, someday I want a BLCS 2!
    • And two of these sergers (so I don’t have to re-thread as often!).
    • I would HIGHLY recommend buying your machines from a dealer- they offer support, classes and service (in most cases)
  7. If I’m just using a sewing machine, what type of stitch should I use?
    • I would recommend a stretch stitch- it looks like a little lightening bolt (shown in video) for your seams, some sort of decorative or longer stitch for your topstitching, and a long straight stitch (I like 3.0MM for my waistband casing)
    • There is a great stitch review on this blog
  8. Where did you get your twill tape? What width is it?
    • I got my twill tape from, but you can also find it on amazon here. I use 1/2″. Make sure to fray check your edges!
  9. What size grommets do you use?
    • I use 7mm grommets
  10. My fabric doesn’t press well. What should I do?
    • Use a strip of interfacing or washaway wonder tape to fold up and mark your hem, or mark it with a long basting stitch, sew the hem, and remove the basting.
  11. Where do I find the yoga hack details
    • Find the yoga hack here on the Greenstyle Blog
  12. What fabric are these?

See the Whole SewAlong Series HERE

Specific Post Links:

Lace Hack HERE

Scoop (not topstitched) pocket hack HERE

Printing and Fitting HERE

Supplies Post HERE

Don’t forget you can still enter to win a pattern prize by sewing up a pair of Brassies and posting them in the Album inside the Event!

Don’t have your pattern? Grab it HERE (use the coupon code inside the event if it’s prior to 6/18/17! Link and code in the description at the top)

Do you have a hack you’d like to see? Or a place you need help with? Comment below!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Before I end this post, I have to give a HUGE shout-out to my wonderful husband, who stood still and quiet for 1.5 hours shooting this video, and who never complains about all the photos, computer/blog support, and time spent in my sewing room. I couldn’t do this without him! Thanks honey!

I also want to thank Angelyn Bennett, owner of Greenstyle Creations and mastermind behind this awesome pattern, and Sara Jaggers Knook, owner of Knitpop for their support!

Note: This post contains affiliate links. I don’t make alot of $$ from them, but they pad my paypal account a little so I can do more fun sewalongs! Thanks for your support!

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  1. Linda on June 16, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    Well done. Started watching out of curiosity. But now I’m thinking even I may try sewing with knits.

    • Sarah on June 17, 2017 at 4:57 pm

      Do it Linda! You raised 4 amazing kids- this is nothin compared to that!

  2. Karen Thompson on June 17, 2017 at 5:48 am

    If it wasn’t for your video tutorial, I never would have thought to make myself a pair of shorts. I usually just make clothes for my grandchildren. I love these shorts and used some horrible dollar knit just to see if I could do it. Now I’m going to get some good knit from knitpop. Thank you so much!

    • Sarah on June 17, 2017 at 4:55 pm

      You’re welcome- that’s why live sewalongs are so cool- sometimes you just need to SEE it done to feel more confident!

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