Power Bra SewAlong: Day 5

Hooray! Today is the final day of our SewAlong!

Today we are simply finishing up our bras, and looking at some inspiration in case you’re in the mood to make a few more- I know I am!

SewAlong Schedule:

Need to catch up? Click the links below!

Day 1: Supplies, Sizing and Cutting 

Day 2: Front Assembly 

Day 3: Front, Back, Straps and Lining

Day 4: Bottom Band 

Day 5: Hacks/Finishing (YOU ARE HERE)

Today’s Task:

Today we are putting the finishing touches on our bras! I’ll give you a couple days to catch up if you got distracted this week, and then we will choose a winner for a free Greenstyle pattern and box of fabric from the Fabric Fairy!

Sooo…..If you’ve made it this far and hung in there with me, thank you! I’ve been really inspired both by the amazing bras (and in some cases whole activewear sets!) that have been created, and by the camaraderie and persistence of the participants in taking on this project. While I think it is totally accessible for a beginner, it takes a lot of courage to join a sewalong as a newbie, and I’m delighted that so many of you put your trust in me!

Today, we don’t have any construction to cover, but I wanted to give you a couple options in terms of possible hacks that you might create using the Power Bra as a base. Once you’ve done the hard work of fitting a pattern, it can become a block from which you can make your own modifications and changes- which is far easier (and more economical) than fitting each new pattern you see.

Power Bra Inspiration

I’ve compiled all these ideas into a Pinterest Board you can find HERE (warning! This board may cause you to want to sew more Power Bras!)

Need a more detailed tutorial? Cynthia Gerritson has already blogged her hack, demonstrating how she widened the straps, lengthened the band, and added sewn in cups for a more everyday type of bra with excellent support.

Jody Rice Kappas has also recently done a hack for the Power Bra…adding an awesome crossover back that looks stunning! (Check it out on Facebook here!)

Another Greenstyle member hacked the front of the bra to be one solid piece- not recommended if you’re bustier, and need the shaping, but a great way to keep a print continuous if you’re smaller-busted and want a more uniform look in front! Check that out here.

Don’t forget to post a finished photo of the Bra in the thread in the Fabric Fairy Group, and to high five some of your fellow sewists who have also shared finished items! Make sure to share them in the Greenstyle group as well, so that those that didn’t have a chance to join the SewAlong will know they should make a Power Bra ASAP!

Thanks so much for joining me this week- you all rock! If you have time for One. More. Thing, I’d also love it if you’d take a minute to subscribe to my blog, so we can do future sewalongs together!

Happy Sewing friends!



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  1. Kris on January 23, 2019 at 1:40 pm

    Thanks for the great SAl. I learned a lot!

    • Sarah on January 23, 2019 at 9:02 pm

      You’re welcome Kris! Thanks for participating!

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