Xpress Tank Sew Along: Day 3

Welcome to the third and last day of the Xpress Tank SewAlong!

This week we are taking a little time for ourselves amidst the holiday chaos (and I do mean a little- this pattern is quick!) to whip up some Xpress Tanks for the warmer weather to come.

If you don’t have your pattern yet, you can grab that here.

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Today’s Task:

Yesterday we stabilized and sewed our shoulder seams and customized our fit. Today we are going to finish this up, by hemming around the entire tank.

This is going to feel like the LONGEST hem of your life- unless you have a penchant for circle skirts, in which case you’ve already honed the patience needed to finish it out!

In the video, I offer some techniques for hemming a curved edge, especially if your fabric doesn’t press well, as many athletic fabrics do not. I’m demonstrating these techniques with the tulip back, but the process is the same for the pointed back.

If you’re making the tie back, your process will differ slightly, so I’m adding these photos to help out.

For the tie back version, you’ll hem the bottom edge first, and then start at one tie corner and hem all the way around the back, neck and armholes, just like in the tulip version.

Hem the bottom:

Hem the back/arms/neck all in one go (view from the wrong side):

When you’ve finished, you’ll have to ends that are unfinished- I like to fold my edge toward the wrong side and topstitch it down with a straight stitch in a matching color thread.

I’m also offering some information on how I use my cover stitch to create a faux flatlock look for my hem, by running the needles on the wrong side of the fabric- but don’t worry, if you don’t have a cover stitch, you can also use a regular machine to hem, or just leave it raw!


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Well, that’s it! I hope you had a great time making this pattern- don’t forget to enter your creations into the album if you used fabric from So Sew English. If you didn’t I’m still dying to see them, so please tag @sewingwithsarah on Facebook or Instagram and use the #xpresstanksal to spread the love!

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