Fall Wovens: Ravanna Pants!

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post detailing my fall woven sewing plans. These types of plans are always a little scary for me to write out, because while they keep me motivated they also feel a bit restricting- what if I want to diverge from my plan? Would anyone notice or be disappointed? (#peoplepleaserproblems)

One pattern I was pretty sure I’d make though, was the Ravanna wrap pants by Designer Stitch. I’ve been eyeing them since they debuted, and I love the unique and trendy but very wearable style. They looked like they would be a lot of fun to make too, and the bubble crepe fabric from Sew Vagabond was a perfect match.

Before I cut into my fabric, I removed 2.5″ of length from the pattern, which is an important step to consider, as the design makes them difficult to adjust for height after assembly. The crepe was a new-to-me fabric, and posed a few challenges. I should have followed Emily’s advice and used tissue paper above and below the fabric while cutting to keep it on grain, but I was in a hurry to sew them up, and didn’t have enough tissue paper handy, so I struggled through. I did find a basting stitch very handy for marking the hem, and switched out the waistband, which I had cut hopelessly off grain, for an exposed elastic finish (the pants also have an option for a fitted zippered waistband). This design is one that takes every inch of the recommended fabric allowance, so make sure you have enough before cutting into your fabric- even with my length adjustments, I still used upwards of 2 yards!

After sewing them together, I tried them on, and had a moment of abject disappointment- they were far too long in the back, most likely due to the fabric stretching out, which is cut somewhat on the bias for the wrap. Fortunately, with some careful trimming and sewing, I was able to cut off a few extra inches from the back and re-hem them to the correct length for my height.

The finished pants were worth all the trouble and more- they are perfectly breezy and comfortable, and got multiple comments and gasps of amazement when I wore them for the first time to a back-to-homeschool gathering. There is no risk of exposing too much, and they allow just the right amount of airflow for our still-too-hot afternoons. I know these will be a favorite, and I’m considering another pair in a rayon challis or cool linen, maybe even a warmer suiting for winter.

Since it’s a little difficult to show the amazing flow and drape of these pants in a photo, I’ve also taken a video for you to check out! The wind was very cooperative here- and in case you’re wondering, there was no danger of exposing too much, even with the breeze!

You can grab the Ravanna pants pattern here (affiliate link), and check out some of the gorgeous fabrics at Sew Vagabond here (aff link)

What are you making for fall? Share it with me in the comments below!

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  1. Saskia on August 25, 2017 at 6:09 am

    Ooo!! They are so lovely. I won this pattern early this month and it is high on my priority list to sew. You are inspiring me!!

    • Sarah on August 29, 2017 at 2:29 pm

      Thank you! Can’t wait to see your version!

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