Dress up this Town: Separates Edition!

I’m excited to be a part of Ti’s “Dress Up this Town” blog tour today! You might be noticing something different about my post…..it doesn’t contain any dresses! I’ll confess to a bit of a misunderstanding here- when Ti posted the call for this tour and the accompanying song (I love a good theme song!),…

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Applique Bikini Hack!

Since swimsuit season started (which is right after Valentine’s Day according to the ever strange advertising schedule of big box stores) I’ve been lusting over the applique swim bikini’s I’ve seen in those annoying (but sometimes useful) ads on Facebook. I was stymied, however, by what type of appliqué would be suitable for swim. Well,…

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June BeeBox: The Duchess Skirt!

I’ll admit, I was a bit stumped when I received my June Bee Box from Vinegar and Honey. I love stripes, but I don’t love sewing them (I’m a perfectionist, and all that matching drives me batty sometimes!). That, combined with the fact that its been in the triple digits here, had me scratching my…

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