Tested: Made for Mermaids Jade Dress/Peplum

I have a bad habit of signing up for too many things whenever we come back from a trip. Every time, I swear I won’t do it, and without fail, here I am again, with the third blog post in as many days, because I just couldn’t resist committing to just one more project (can you hear the little voice in my head? it’s sooo tempting…haha!)

In the case of the women’s Jade, though, it was more a matter of finishing what I started, since this test began while we were still traveling in the RV, and just recently released to the world. I started out with the tie front version in pre-testing. I absolutely adore how this looks on all the other testers….but I just didn’t think it looked very flattering on me, personally, with my small bust and petite frame. I decided to give the Jade another chance as a basic tank dress, and I’m so glad I did, because it’s now my favorite summer sew!

The bodice on the Jade is the most fitted of all the Made for Mermaids patterns I’ve tried, which makes it an excellent candidate for going braless, if that’s your thing (if it’s not, the straps are pretty good at hiding a standard bra). It’s also lined, so there’s a perfect opportunity to add cups if desired, and would make a really cute peplum swimsuit. I love the length of the dress- it’s flirty, without being scandalous, and looks great with summer sandals or heels.

I also think the circle skirt is pretty bike friendly (check out my post about my new mode of locomotion here!), which is a must for me these days!

This little green leafy number was made with an athletic knit from So Sew English fabrics.

The green isn’t my usual color, but I knew my husband would like it (green is HIS favorite color), and since I made this dress to be worn on our 16th wedding anniversary, I thought it was a good opportunity to take a chance with a new hue (no fancy dates for us- we’re more a walk around the farmer’s market and go for a hike type of couple).

I honestly can hardly believe its been 16 years since we tied the knot- but those baby faces don’t lie! (we were 20 and 21- he couldn’t even drink legally when we got married!)

He still makes me feel like twirling…just like we did during our first dance as a married couple!

A little aside here on marriage- it’s HARD work. When you’re young, you want to believe that romantic love is everything, and will carry you through to those days rocking in the chair on the porch at 85, but the truth is, marriages survive and thrive based on two factors: commitment and effort. Yes, its important to love the person you marry, but what I’ve learned over the past 16 years is that when the hard times hit, (and they will!) having someone by your side, who never wavers, who loves unconditionally (even when you don’t feel very lovable), and who always sees the light at the end of the tunnel, is what will keep things going until you hit that spark again.  I can’t wait to see what the next sixteen years brings us, as we continue to ride the river of life together- both through the calm eddies and the turbulent rapids to come.

Ok, enough sappy marriage advice- back to sewing! After the success of my first version, I decided to give the peplum view a chance.

The few peplums I’ve made in the past haven’t gotten a lot of wear, honestly, but I was limited on fabric, and really wanted another summer top, so I decided to see what would happen.

The great thing about the Jade is that it’s a lightening fast sew, so I figured if I didn’t love the peplum, I’d just whip up another dress. Surprise surprise, I love it! The peplum hits in just the right spot on my waist, and the length is perfect for wearing with mid rise jeans or shorts (some peplums are too long to look right with a pair of short shorts, but this one works out really well).

In fact, I lvoed my two Jade’s so much that I immediately purchased the girls’ version, whcih should be coming to the blog soon as part of my daughters preschool wardrobe (you didn’t think I’d stop at just one outfit, did you?! There’s even a dolly version available!). Once I’ve got that done, I’m debating about whether to  try out the romper view- do you think it would look good on me? I haven’t tried on a romper in ages, and I want to embrace the trend, but I’m just not sure…

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  1. Jeanie on August 14, 2019 at 4:43 am

    We were 20 and 21 when we got married too. We just hit 39 years. Your advice is right on. I would add forgiveness too…but that’s “in there” with what you said.
    I enjoy your posts with sewing and kids too. I home schooled for 19 years- loved it…and am Gran to 9.

  2. Amie on August 14, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    We got married at 20 and 21, except I was the younger!
    Now we are 9 years, and 4 kids later and I wouldn’t change a thing. ❤️

  3. anne b. on August 15, 2019 at 2:44 am

    Happy Anniversary! ❤️Loved your post…and your versions of the Jade dress/peplum. The peplum top seems so versatile. Good to know it’s a quick sew. Maybe I could squeeze a few in before getting into sewing for fall!

    • Randi on August 22, 2019 at 12:41 pm

      Love both versions of the Jade, you look beautiful in both of them and your sewing is so meticulous. Congratulations on your anniversary! I’m sure your handsome hubby is very proud of his talented wife.

      • Sarah on September 13, 2019 at 9:17 am

        Thank you Randi!

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