Tutorial: Adding a hood to a tank top

Hooded tank tops are so fun, and when I sewed up a hooded tank for my son, I decided that I needed one as well! Its pretty easy to do, and saves me all that tedious neckband measuring and quartering (which I can do in my sleep, but somehow dread anyway).

Want to make your own hooded tank (or tee)? I’ve whipped up a little tutorial for you to demonstrate. I’m using the Halla Stardust tank (used before here and here), but this tutorial is applicable to any tank or tee pattern you have that includes a rounded neckline. I’ve actually lowered the neckline of the Stardust tank in this example to make it more nursing friendly, but you’ll be able to custom fit your own hood no matter what pattern you choose.

Ready? Lets get started- you’ll be done before you know it!

First, cut and assemble your tank/tee per the pattern, but leave off the neckband/binding.

Measure around the SEAM ALLOWANCE of the neck opening (i.e. if the seam allowance is 1/4″, measure that far in, rather thn right on the edge- this can actually make a difference!). Write down this number.

Now, you can go about adding the hood in two ways. If you don’t own ANY patterns with hoods, you can draft  your own hood piece. I found an awesome tutorial for that here. Being somewhat lazy, I simply grabbed a hood I already had for the next part.

Measure the neck opening of the hood pattern piece, multiplying it by two and taking into account the seam allowance at the back of the hood and the amount you will lose at the front due to the drawstring casing (if not lining- but a lined hood is OK too). Compare this measurement to the tank/tee neckline.

Now, unless your hood is spot on (unlikely) you’ll need to make an adjustment. This is similar to adding or removing length from a pattern piece- only you are doing it to the hood. Make a vertical line perpendicular to the grainline in the middle of your hood pattern piece. Cut it apart along this line, and overlap or separate by half the amount you want to change. For example, if your hood is 2 inches too small, you will cut and widen the pieces by 1 inch (because you’ll be cutting two hood pieces).

Tape a piece of pattern paper ( I like this swedish tracing paper here) underneath, and draw your new hood piece, blending the lines as needed. You don’t have to get the hood EXACTLY the same as your neckline, but you want it close.

Cut out your new hoods (you’ll need two mirror images). Sew them together at the center back seam, and make the holes for your drawstring if using (I love grommets- and use my snap press often to set them. I have the KAM profesional one, but amazon has many options here). If you’re lining your hood, you’ll also sew the lining to the front. Sew the casing, and insert your drawstring.

Now, simply pin your hood right sides together with your tank/tee centering the opening at the center front of your top, and sew/serge together. I find it helpful to baste at the center front first, to make sure my hood stays connected there.

And there you go! A cool hooded tank!

These #sketchyessentials stars are available from Stardust and Moonbeam Textile Co- on preorder here.

I would love to see what you make from this hack- please feel free to tag me: #sewingwithsarah in your makes!

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  2. Karen on June 27, 2017 at 5:23 am

    Thanks for this tutorial Sarah. I am just about to sew up the stardust tank and would love to add the hood using this tutorial.

    • Sarah on June 27, 2017 at 4:34 pm

      great! Can’t wait to see it!

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