Why I Love Add-Ons…

Face it. Sometimes you buy a pattern, and you make a few times, and you love it, and then you realize that it would be perfect, if only it had this one extra little thing. Most of the time unless you have mad illustrator skills or the time to figure out a hack, those dreams go unanswered….


While we were testing the Studio to Street Top, someone casually mentioned that it would be cool if it had a hood. Um no, it would not be cool, it would be freaking fantastic. And, being the awesome designer she is, Angelyn whipped one up for us, and is giving it away for free (the catch: its only free for a week!! Grab it here)

In fact, I loved my hooded version so much, that it was the first one I took photos of…and I’ve been waiting until now to share it with you, because I got caught up in some weekend shenanigans. (but, I mean really, didn’t we all?)

While my last Studio to Street was made in an uber-drapey cupro knit, this one was made in a “peppered” grey rayon jersey from So Sew English fabrics (find the exact fabric here)- its fantastically lightweight but still has awesome drape and recovery. It was a dream to sew, and feels uh-mazing to wear. It even pressed well without getting shiny- what’s not to love?

To get the true “Studio to Street” vibe, I paired it with two different new pairs of Inspire tights. I really wanted to do an epic downtown studio vs street photo shoot for y’all, but the rain/crazy toddler/work made this impossible (that’s pretty much my excuse for everything, fyi), so you’ll have to use your imagination.

Studio Look:

The “studio” look here is accomplished with these Inspire tights (check out the full SewAlong here) in supplex from the Fabric Fairy- this color is excellent, and the stretch and texture are awesome for working out. I added a back zipper pocket to these (using this hack), because pockets are everything, and I just can’t live without them. Of course, I forgot to get a photo of it (with all the concern about the shiny butt phenomenon- see below) but I promise its there.

If you’re curious about how our photoshoots go, here’s a sneak peek into the life of a husband/wife/photography team…

Me: “Honey. Be careful. I don’t want any light on my butt”

Him: “Mhmmm, no light on your butt, got it.”

Me: (in a whiny voice) “can I see?” Did you get light on my butt? You did! My butt is shiny! I told you NO light on my butt”

Him: “But I like to light up your butt. It looks good.”

Me: (scowls) “Noooooo…..try again…..”

Baby: (in a sing song voice) “light up butt. light up butt”

Yeah. She’s learning alot from these photoshoots….

Street Look:

The “street” look is done with my new absolute favorite-est pair of Inspires EVER….faux leather (or “vegan” leather, if you prefer) sourced from Surge Fabrics (click for 10% off coupon). Again, these have no side seam, to keep the leather look smooth, and are pretty much magical…I think I’m going to need about 10 more yards of this, because I want to wear these every day of the week.

The stretch percentage is ideal for the inspires, and I didn’t even have to change anything about my stitches etc- these things just sewed up like butter. Really sexy butter.

I worried momentarily about whether I was too old for leather leggings (fake or not) and then I realized, I just didn’t care, because they make me feel so awesome. So consider this your inspiration for today to wear what makes YOU feel good!

Well, that’s it! Which look do you like best? Drop me a comment below, and don’t forget to snap up the Add on to the pattern, if you haven’t already! The pattern itself is back to the full sale price, but I promise its worth it if you haven’t grabbed it before now- whats a few bucks compared to wardrobe happiness?

Note: This post contains affiliate/reward links. Thank you for your support!

xoxo – Sarah


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