Sew Vagabond

Sew Vagabond is an up and coming fabric shop with AMAZING activwear/swim, and high quality designer overstock knits and wovens. Check them out here:

Vacation on the beach: Shaving…Optional!

I spent 2 weeks packing for our family vacation down south…using a series of carefully crafted checklists to avoid forgetting the mountains of essential gear that is crucial to survival with three young children…and do you know what I forgot? RAZORS!!! I traveled to the land of who-wears-the-least-wears-it-best with the intention of doing a full…

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Applique Bikini Hack!

Since swimsuit season started (which is right after Valentine’s Day according to the ever strange advertising schedule of big box stores) I’ve been lusting over the applique swim bikini’s I’ve seen in those annoying (but sometimes useful) ads on Facebook. I was stymied, however, by what type of appliqué would be suitable for swim. Well,…

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Bye bye Bikini!

I’ve been on a bit of a swimwear kick lately, and I’ve been dying for a sexy, yet functional (read: won’t fall off in the ocean) one-piece swimsuit, but it’s been a bit of a unicorn. Don’t get me wrong, I still have all the feels for the bikini’s I’ve sewn (see examples here, and…

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Swimwear: The Holy Grail of Sewing

I’ve long considered swim wear the holy grail of sewing, along with lingerie and full featured blue jeans (all those rivets, and topstitching!). Although I live in swim all summer, sewing my own swimsuits always seemed a little out of my league- a daunting task with an uncertain outcome. So, of course, when 5 out…

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