Tip Tuesday/Fail Friday

Fail Friday: Shibori Dyeing

Happy Friday! You’ve almost made it to the weekend, and that means its time for some humor at my expense in this week’s episode of Fail Friday! Regular failure is considered a learning opportunity here at Casa Sarah, so let’s dive right in and see what lessons I’ve learned this week! A few weeks ago,…

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Tip Tuesday: Get out those lumps and bumps!

Welcome back to my Tip Tuesday series! If you’re new to my blog, every Tuesday (I hope! If I fall off the wagon feel free to bug me about it!) I’ll be sharing a tip, hack or sewing technique to help you sew faster, better and with more confidence. Today’s tip is all about the…

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Tip Tuesday: Side Boob (and how to avoid it!)

Happy Tuesday! We are back from vacation, and (semi) recovered from all our adventures (lets not talk about the laundry though, m’kay?) and I’m excited to share a new blog series with you: Tip Tuesday and Fail Friday! This idea came up while a dear friend was visiting a couple weeks ago- I’m sure you…

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