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It’s been too long since I’ve blogged something I’ve made for the Princess. I was a bit scared off by the whole stolen photo debacle (which we did manage to correct), and the fact that she’s less than cooperative when it comes to modeling. My sons can be encouraged (read: bribed) to pose appropriately- baby girl has her own plans!

But when the latest Bee Box came, I saw the fabric and knew it was high time I sew something new for her. I knew she would love the soft brushed poly, and the colors were just perfect for a little girl- not too baby-ish, but not too adult either.

I chose a pattern I’ve been wanting to try out for ages, the Laurelette by Greenstyle Creations, and sewed it up in the size 18-24 month dress length.

She was actually between sizes, but I went with the larger size, because kids are sneaky about growing when you least expect it. One of the best things about sewing girl clothes, that I didn’t get to experience with the boys, is that an item can go from dress to tunic to empire waist top as she grows, without sacrificing any style. So I expect this one to last us for several years- that’s a pretty big bang for my sewing buck!

I love the oversized cowl and the pleats on the skirt- much faster than applying a neckband and gathering!

I also made up a pair of Nature Walk Pants (by Oliver and S Patterns)- out of some dusty pink French terry from Surge Fabric shop. I love cotton lycra french terry for kids clothes- its much more durable than its poly/rayon/lycra counterpart, and is really easy to work with. My son swears that it doesn’t match, but I think it does.

Sewing these pants was really nostalgic for me- since I already had the right size traced from when my twins were little! These sweet little pants fit well and the pointed yoke detail add just enough interest without adding any time! Here’s a squish baby belly shot- I just couldn’t resist!

The outfit came together smoothly, but taking photos of the princess was another story. She had ZERO interest in staying still, and kept running away or hiding her face. We finally got some shots, but I’m reminded of why I don’t like to sew on a deadline for her- its much less stressful to take our time, and enjoy her little personality, than to try and capture some photos when she’s not in the mood. For those of you that take photos regularly of your kids- my hat’s off to you!

This is her reaction to photoshoots- you just want me to stand here? Whyyyy????

I’d much rather climb something….

If you don’t already have the Laurelette pattern, you can check it out here– all Greenstyle patterns are 40% off for Black Friday with the code “Thankful” 11/24-11/26, so it’s a great time to grab some new favorites!

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