Moxi Shorts Sew-Along: Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of the Moxi Shorts SewAlong!

If you don’t have your pattern yet, you can get it here. If you still need to order fabric, you can find the stretch woven HERE (Use code “moxie” for 10% off (through 7/27/18).

Catching up:

Need to catch up?

Check out Day 1 HERE on the blog. It’s got lots of tips for selecting your size, adjusting your fit, and cutting your fabric!

Day 2 is HERE on the blog, with instructions for sewing the side and inseams.

Day 3 is HERE on the blog, with instructions for sewing the bias tape, inner briefs, and compression shorts (plus a BONUS gusset tutorial!)

Day 4 is HERE on the blog, with instructions for adding your waistband.

The Schedule

As a reminder, here’s our schedule:

Here’s a sneak peek at the schedule:

Day 1: Supplies, Fit, and Cutting Fabric

Day 2: Side seams and inseam 

Day 3: Bias Binding 

Day 4: Waistband

Day 5: Hacks! (YOU ARE HERE)

Today’s Tasks:

At this point, your Moxi shorts should be pretty much finished, and I hope you’re looking forward to your next pair!

This SewAlong could really have been scheduled as a 4 day event, but I thought it might be fun to take some time at the end to demonstrate a few hacks that you can do with this pattern.

Hack 1: Make it a skirt!

Kayleigh Landon did an awesome hack a couple months ago on lengthening the moxis into a skirt. The compression shorts or briefs would keep it modest, and the skirt adds a feminine flair!

Check out the blog post here– this one is definitely on my list!

Hack 2: Make hot shorts!

The Compression shorts that are designed to go inside the Moxis also make fabulous “hot shorts”! Make them as usual, omit the outer short, and attach the waistband! These are some of my favorite workout shorts right now- and they come together so fast!

Hack 3: Add a zippered waistband (without the welt)

I shared this method in a blog post HERE, and it works great on the moxis too! I love how roomy that pocket is- it’s got enough space for my key fob, credit card, AND my phone!

Hack 4: Moxi Swim Shorts!

I sized down once for these moxis, and use swim lining fabric for my briefs. The edges were finished with 1″ FOE- super quick, and super cute! Alternatively, you could size UP once, and make the moxis out of a boardshort fabric for another great look!

That’s a wrap!

Just to prove I actually made them along with you, here’s one of the pairs I made this week (with a Lille tank, of course!).

Could these get any better? No, they could not. They’re totally ready for mass production.

So tell me, which one of these hacks is your favorite? Do you have any other hack ideas, or things you learned and plan on changing for your next pair? Drop me a comment below!

And, if you’re still on the struggle-bus with these, don’t worry- you’ve got until Sunday to finish them up before I draw prize winners, so don’t sweat (too much!)

I want to thank all of you for sewing along with me this week, it’s been a blast, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone’s shorts come together! I also want to thank Angelyn of Greenstyle Creations for supporting this sew along, and Meg of The Fabric Fairy for hosting, donating a fabric prize, and shipping out orders so quickly! You ALL rock!



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