Fail Friday: Sarah vs. the Internet

For today’s Fail Friday I bring you a contest of wills, a harrowing battle between me and the ‘net. Think of me staring down the faceless enemy that is the WEB, dancing around the ring inside Facebook, trying to maintain a video connection while sewing LIVE in front of 1.9K people.

I wish I could say I won this battle. I was well prepared. I checked my internet speed ( 12.95 MB/s upload and 92.92 MB/s download- SUPER FAST. Check your speed HERE), charged my phone, and even ate a PB and J to balance out my blood sugar. I ditched the kids at grandmas, brushed my hair, and changed into actual clothes (who else sews in some state of under/un dress??).

And then…nothing. Facebook kept kicking me off when I tried to connect for the SewAlong. Finally, we disabled the wifi and went live over the cell network (knowing it would cut significantly into my latte fund). At this point, my coverstitch threw a tantrum (it’s worse than my ACTUAL toddler), so I switched to a borrowed machine.

Stitching still wasn’t ideal, but I was able to continue, though I’ll certainly be redoing a few parts of that top (hey, this is REAL life remember?!). And then, at 1hr 4 min and 35 seconds….BOOM.

No more live connection. A few swear words (OK, more than a few) and I still couldn’t re connect. My tech genius husband says this: “The lowest required speed for streaming is 500Kbps, we had nearly 26 times faster than the minimum needed speed. It was for sure a facebook problem.”

This website revealed some issues with facebook on the West Coast at that time index- but a solid explanation, and therefore a solution for future attempts, is still elusive.

So, if you need me, I’ll be sulking in the corner. Or at least self-soothing with some ice cream and quality time with the kiddos.

Here’s the edited video, if you want to watch (we recorded the last part off line and spliced it together). And if you want to send chocolate and wine, just PM me for an address. Maybe we can all get together virtually and have a little Facebook hate party (but not live of course).




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  1. April Simpson hunt on July 28, 2017 at 10:37 pm

    Awww. I had the same issue during a live giveaway once (although with not nearly as many people watching, I’m sure!) It was nerve wracking and I felt terrible. But at the end of the day, it is what it is, right? I’m sure the earth kept turning. I really do believe Facebook has some kind of vendetta against live vidoes for some reason. I’ve never been able to run one that lasts any significant amount of time, on any Internet connection, without a lot of issues. Sorry it happened, though! Hopefully everyone was OK and more than that, that you’re ok! Will send wine 🙂

    • Sarah on July 29, 2017 at 2:52 pm

      Thank you- this is good to know I”m not the only one who has issues with it sometimes!

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